January 7, 2014


wishing my husband a happy birthday

anticipating some alone time with him tonight and this weekend

pleased that my family got him Apple TV just in time for maternity leave

holding back from making any goals for the year since it’s so in my nature to do so, but still…

forming a list of things to do on maternity leave

really into cross stitch again and looking forward to sharing more works-in-progress and finished projects

contemplating buying  this loom kit to try more weaving projects

sleeping poorly and propped up

taking down holiday decorations a little at a time

drinking orange juice every morning and evening

amused and exasperated in equal parts that Meredith hates changing clothes these days

grateful that the super cold weather will be ending soon

thinking that although it’s probably easier overall to be fully pregnant in the winter (hooray for no swelling), it’s pretty annoying to bundle up and leave the house every day

praying for energy daily and the ability to stay positive about working up until I go into labor

so ready for this next phase of life to begin

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