project life 2013 : weeks 50 – 51

February 24, 2014

More Project Life catch up!


This is from December 9 – 22, so basically the buildup to Christmas. I’m really glad I did the holiday minibook, because it allowed me to focus on the everyday stuff here and not be overly full of holiday stuff.


I did include a couple of holiday things that were also in the minibook. The completion of my niece’s stocking was a huge deal to me. I also put in a picture of Meredith at her Pappy’s nursing home Christmas party. The rest of this side is just extra fun stuff.


On the right side I started with my overview of the week with all the extra stuff that I didn’t have photos of. Then there are a couple pictures of my shopping trip with Dad and Meredith, some of her being adorable, and all the little baby boy clothes that we finally put away.


I always mean to include more quotes from Meredith, but then forget to. At least I have my “Meredith lately” blog series to refer to. :)


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    From Nora:

    Yes, Meredith, you certainly be cute :) She’s one of my favorite toddlers that I “know.”

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