project life 2013 : week 52 & end page

March 3, 2014


I’m done with my 2013 album! I have to say, even though I’m still like 9 weeks behind, I feel way better about this project now.


Okay, so this spread was December 23 – 31. I had photos from Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and a wedding we went to. All my other photos from this time went in the holiday minibook. I was really just trying to get this done and somehow include everything. I kept the journaling cards neutral because of how many photos there were.


I actually had an insert too for all the family pics we took on Christmas. I had one extra that I just had to put in, and I wanted to keep all the Christmas stuff on this side, so I made a little flip card.


On the back of the insert I cut down some paper and adhered this photobooth strip of my sisters-in-law and me at the wedding directly on top of the page protector. It was perfect.


Right side is simple photos and journaling about the wedding and NYE.


And here is my end page! I really, really did not want to spend much time on this so I just put in a bunch of cards from the seafoam and midnight core kits.


I did one stamp and the “goodbye twentythirteen” from Caylee Gray. Plus just a tiny bit of journaling summing up the year.



At the end of each album I am including a big 12×12 pocket envelope and I put inside all the cards and memorabilia that I want to keep but that didn’t fit or didn’t quite make it into the album itself. Since I don’t do a spread for each week there is plenty of room in the album for this, the envelope is heavy duty, and I have a perfect place for this extra stuff! Highly recommend this idea.


That’s it for 2013!

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    From Nora:

    Congrats on finishing the book! Looks great to me. As someone who doesn’t do PL, every time you say you added a “little,” something or wanted to keep it simple, I’m in awe because it looks so great to me!

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