project life 2014 : title page & plan

March 10, 2014

Hey, so I am actually totally caught up with Project Life now, but I am behind on posting! The reason for that is because I put it all together in just a few days, and the title page was the last thing I completed. First I want to share it with you, and then I want to talk about my plan for Project Life this year.

title page

I’m really happy with this title page! The big “2014” and the “hello twentyfourteen” printables are from Caylee Grey. As for the photos, I wanted pictures of us but I’m not very good at making posed portraits look anything but cheesy so I decided to take pictures of each of our hands, which is also personal but a bit unexpected. The only one I really struggled with is Meredith’s because she wouldn’t cooperate, so I grabbed this photo when she was distracted. I don’t love it, so I’ll probably replace it when I can get a better one where the focus is her hands and not the toys.

So now for my plan! Even though when I go back to work soon I will have more time than before, lately I am all about simplifying. I don’t want this to be the ONLY creative thing I have time for in my life. Therefore, I’m embracing the minimal approach, and it’s lucky that I like the look. Here is what you can expect from this album:

>continuing with two weeks per spread

>consistent plain white date card

>typed week in review cards

>no rounding of corners

>lots of photos with very little embellishment

>including white space like borders and circle photos

>no new core kit, but using filler and journaling cards from the ones I have left over, plus extra printables I find that I like

Tomorrow I’ll be posting my first real spread of the year, so you’ll be able to see what I mean regarding some of the above! After getting caught up I can say confidently that I love this new approach (even though it’s not TOO different, but every little change matters). I think it’s going to be pretty easy to keep up with and so far I love the way it looks, too!

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    From Sarah @ Beauty School Dropout:

    I love the use of white space! It’s very “you.” I got a very colorful new core kit this year, and when I see your pages it makes me wish I was doing something more refined, but I really do love bright colors so I just need to go with that. I love how you’ve made such a simple list but it will guarantee a coherent design throughout your pages. My album last year evolved so much. I hope to make it a little more consistent this year.

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