project life 2014 : weeks 1-2

March 11, 2014

Here we go, first real spread of this year!


This might not be exactly representative of the way the album will look from here on out, because I printed the photos before Liam was born and before I had nailed down the aesthetic for the album. But here you can see some of the things that I intend to carry out.


For example, you can see the plain white date cards and how I’m not rounding corners anymore. I like the squared off look, it’s one less step that I have to do, and I’m not using as much of the core kits anymore so it’s not a big issue for consistency.


I’m also using these week in review cards from Paislee Press. I’ve decided to type them so I can fit more on it, and with this extra journaling I have to do even less embellishing on the photos themselves. Simple and fast is the name of the game!


Hey, remember when I was super pregnant? It’s so weird for me to look at pictures of myself with that huge belly now. Below you can see an example of how I’m going to use vellum for journaling.


Overall this spread is pretty neutral and moody but I like it! In the future I want to try bordering some of my photos with white, and doing some circle photos as well. I’m going to continue the plain date cards and week in review journaling, too. More soon!

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Comments on project life 2014 : weeks 1-2

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    From Sarah @ Beauty School Dropout:

    I really like the Week in Review cards! I’m putting together my spreads monthly this year (it’s what I can handle at this point in my life) but I am losing a lot of little details. Maybe I should carry around some 3×4 cards with me and write memories from the week to add in later. Hmmm…

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    From Mindy:

    I love this idea and am so impressed you find time and energy to keep up with this project, truly. I keep journals, so I’m thinking of incorporating something like this, but in journal form… thanks for always providing inspiration!

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