project life 2014 : weeks 7-8

March 22, 2014

I’m so close to being caught up with these posts! Bear with me and then I’ll only have them for you every couple of weeks. :) This one is from February 10 – 23.


I had to include that handmade Valentine’s card that Meredith brought home from school. I’m sure she didn’t really make it herself but she probably helped, and it was too cute. I wasn’t sure how to put it in since it was an odd size, and I wanted to be able to pull it out and open it easily. After much thought I decided to attempt to sew a custom sized page protector from an 8.5×11 and it was actually really easy! I hadn’t touched my sewing machine in ages but luckily it was still set up correctly.

Left hand side:



I thought the death of poor Cleo needed a little extra journaling:


Right hand side includes Liam’s one month photo and stats:


I’m using these cards from the baby edition core kit to do his monthly updates because they’re so easy.


That’s it for this one!

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    From lauren w:

    I’m caught up too! And i redid the pages that bothered me. Turns out I just don’t like red.

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