April 8, 2014


returning to our routine after last week’s hospital visit.

learning to administer nebulizers to a baby, and praying he doesn’t develop asthma as a result of this RSV.

coughing up a storm.

grateful for my short commute (as I am everyday…I don’t know if the excitement over it will ever wear off).

sleeping poorly still; between my sore throat, Liam’s coughing, and our dog, something is always waking me up.

drinking two cups of coffee per day.

contemplating posting to the blog five days a week; I’m very inspired right now but I’m not convinced I could maintain it in the future.

spending my downtime at work (which is a lot) taking continuing education classes.

preparing to press my quilt rows and sew them together.

reading Allegiant.

listening to podcasts while I run, specifically catching up on One Bad Mother.

enjoying the break from life that running gives me, even though I’m pretty out of shape.

wanting to incorporate yoga into my routine on my off days to stretch my muscles.

finding that meal planning & cooking dinners isn’t so hard after all.

interested in trying a paint by number kit.

wondering if I’ll be able to kill all the grass that has overgrown my garden in time to plant next year.

thinking that I’m just going to start hanging things on our bedroom wall without planning it out first.

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    From Nora:

    What an adorable family photo! Sorry to hear about the coughing and hoping Liam gets better soon. I used to do paint by numbers during the winter break in college; I loved them! nothing too fancy, but still so fun. I still have one of them at my parents’ house. I should probably frame it and hang it up at my house :)

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