project life 2014 : weeks 15 – 16

April 30, 2014


This is from April 7 – 20. I have an insert for Easter, but the above is the spread without it.


The first week Liam was still dealing with an ear infection and nebulizer treatments. So glad he’s healthy again!


This picture of me and Meredith is my favorite in the whole spread. It leant itself perfectly to journaling in the negative space.


Then we have my favorite bluebonnet pictures, Liam’s 3-month update, a little bit about Eddie, and our zoo trip.



Here is the insert I did for Easter. (Front on the left, back on the right.) I just wanted to include all of that stuff in one place.


Journaled on vellum.


And that’s it!

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Comments on project life 2014 : weeks 15 – 16

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    From Nora:

    I think we need a blogger crafting weekend. Where we each share what we are working on, encourage one another and teach each other stuff. I think that would be pretty awesome. If only we could teleport ourselves and make that happen somehow. =)

  2. 2

    From Sarah:

    I loved your comment about “varying success” of the egg hunts. My son turned 4 just after easter and I still feel that way… he does great in small settings, but we went to a huge egg drop that a local church puts on, and the bigger kids were running roughshod over the younger ones and I think he ended up with 3 eggs. More because he was so bewildered by the whole situation than because he couldn’t find them. Then he was upset because he got so few eggs… luckily some older kids took pity on him and gave him a few more.

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