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April 18, 2014


I have mentioned a few times that our 13-year-old dog is having panic attacks every day. They started after our other dog died and have only barely  become manageable. She has been on anxiety medication for over a month and we have also been giving her a nightly sedative just so we can sleep, although it is not really supposed to be used that often but life is just unbearable otherwise. And it doesn’t even work all the time. We have tried a thundershirt and a pheromone collar and we take her on long daily walks or runs. The attacks usually happen in the evening and at night when we are home, but this week she had one during the day and I came home to this:


That bench was handmade by my grandfather and the cushion was custom so it can’t be replaced easily.  Now every day I am worried about whether or not she will tear up more of our belongings. We are thinking about crating her during the day even though she’s never been crated before. This weekend we are borrowing my brother-in-law’s dog to see if that will help…thinking maybe she is having separation anxiety from our other dog who died a couple months ago.


I’ve been eating too many sweets. I need an intervention, I can’t stop myself! Seriously though, is there anyone out there who wants to do some sort of challenge with me, something like only two desserts a week? My entire needs an overhaul actually, but this would be a great baby step for me. I really need a challenge and accountability for it to work though.


We started a new tradition of having breakfast for dinner every Thursday night, because Thursdays are tiring (you’ve had a lot of week but it’s not quite over yet). We also go eat at my parents’ house every Friday night, so that means only five meals for me to plan each week, and one is leftovers! Anyone else have any weekly meal traditions?


I want to make a lot of progress sewing my quilt top this weekend. I might be doing it totally wrong but it’s coming together. Good thing I have no interest in perfection. The tips of my triangles are getting cut off because of the seam allowance…anyone know if this is normal?



If the kids cooperate (with being calm and/or taking naps) I also want to make some stuff to hang on our bedroom wall. Right now this is all I’ve got and it’s kind of sad. Look at that huge blank slate though!



Two new podcasts I’m enjoying: The Lively Show and Elise Gets Crafty.


It’s Good Friday. My prayer is to never take my Savior’s sacrifice for granted. I am so immensely blessed.

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    From Nikki:

    I was addicted to sweets, having something like a cupcake (or a box of GS cookies) every day! I decided to use Lent as my way of helping get rid of my addiction. I haven’t allowed myself anything that would satisfy a sweet craving – no chocolate milk, no granola bars, no muffins, and definitely no real sweets like ice cream or cookies (AND no Sunday cheats). It has been SO HARD. I’ve been eating more grapes and other fruits, and drinking a flavored water or tea, instead. I actually have noticed a change in my body and have way more energy just from cutting it out – I was obviously having WAY too much. I think now I can manage going back to being a regular person who only has a treat now and then instead of all day every day. I guess my point is, I feel you, and I did the challenge, and I made it through, and it made me feel better physically and mentally (mentally more because I proved I was in charge of my self and couldn’t be beaten by a caramel delite!).

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    From kapachino:

    Great job! I seriously need to do something like that. I know my body just needs a reset, because once you start allowing yourself more sweets you only crave more!

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    From Sarah:

    Triangles are tricky. You would have needed to build in seam allowance as you put together each row to avoid cutting off the tips. You could make your seam allowance a bit smaller to reduce the effect, but if your points go right to the edge of each raw row, there’s not much you can do.

  4. 4

    From kapachino:

    That’s what I figured…I’ve been staring at it trying to think of what else I can do but couldn’t come up with anything. I was just following the directions in the book and there was no mention of a built-in seam allowance to avoid this, so that’s a bit frustrating. Oh well!

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    From Nora:

    Love the colors you are using in your quilt. I passed a sewing room on Friday while I was out and about and thought of you. If we lived closer I’d ask you to help me know where to begin with the sewing thing =)

    I hope that your dog’s anxiety attacks are getting better; I can’t imagine what she must be going through with the loss of your dog and how trying it must be to have to deal with a dog who is struggling. Hope it gets better soon!

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    From kapachino:

    Thanks Nora! I am just teaching myself to sew but I do wish I could be learning with a friend. :)

    So over the weekend we “borrowed” my brother-in-law’s dog to keep our dog company, and guess what? No anxiety attacks! It’s so sad that this whole time she’s been suffering separation anxiety from our old dog. It makes sense though when you realize that she’s never been an only dog before. Now we have to decide whether or not to get another dog!

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