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April 22, 2014

Even though we are on a tight budget, I figure I can still do some decorating around the house. There are always the craft supplies I already own, thrift stores, and “shopping” at Mom & Dad’s house. :) In this new series I’m going to share with you some ideas I’ve found for thrifty decorating. Since I’m working on our gallery wall in the master bedroom, the first edition is focused on stuff you can make to hang on the wall other than traditional photos or prints.


woven wall hangings – I’ve already done one of these, and I love it. This link takes you to a great tutorial on how to do it by making your own loom, and it includes several ideas for making them interesting. I can’t wait to try some new techniques.


felt banner – there are so many options for this idea! I actually made one this past weekend very similar to the one pictured. It was SO fast and easy, and I already had all the supplies on hand. I want to make more in the future that are seasonal or holiday-themed.


geometric photo display – I think this is so cool. All you need are nails, some kind of string, clips, and photos.


quilted wall hanging – this one might be a little more involved, but if you can sew a straight line I think you can do it, just using fabric scraps. I’m really excited to try it.

packing tape transfer art – couldn’t get a picture of this one, but click through the link to see what I’m referring to. You make art using packing tape and magazines and it’s super cool.

So, any other ideas for stuff to hang on the wall? Have you tried any of these?

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    From Nora:

    You have THE most creative ideas. Love them all, especially the geometric shape/picture hanger. Great way to display photos and I love that you can easily change them out.

    We just recently framed a ton of artwork thanks to the BOGO special Michael’s had on frames so now we are trying to figure out where we want to put all of them. I love having artwork around the house. Next up: I need to refresh a lot of the photos that are in our house or add new ones to the existing ones.

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