liam at four months

May 19, 2014

liam 4 months


>Laughs! Sometimes! Well…he’s done it a few times anyway.

>Also smiles at anyone that looks him in the face.

>Wears 6-9 month clothes, but is in between the small and medium diaper sizes, so he tends to leak at the moment. I have to send at least three pairs of pants with him each day just in case.

>Still has the bump on his head from his cephalohematoma. Supposedly it will reabsorb eventually, but it’s going very slowly. I like to rub it.

>Loves the mirror.

>Can roll over both ways (mobility is coming)!!

>Is a squirmer.

>Constantly has his hands in his mouth, but he hasn’t started producing too much drool yet.

>Sleeps well almost every night to the point where if he doesn’t I get worried about his health.

>Has such a great old man hairline.

liam 4 months



>Am trying to get Liam to attach to a lovey, just because I think it’s cute. And he does seem a little calmer when he has something like that to grab onto.

>Like putting him in these one piece romper things.

>Am running in a 5k race this coming weekend, but I haven’t run that far yet. I think I can do it though.

>Finally got some quilt batting, and some supplies for another project I’m excited about.

>Went through clothes that my mom had saved from when my brothers and I were little. Some of them are so dorky, but it’s crazy how familiar they are. Some of them I took home for my kids which is pretty neat. :)

>Think I need to acquire a camera separate from my iPhone.

>Need to do another “day in the life” soon.

>Remain grateful for what a calm, happy baby Liam is in general. I thought that since Meredith was such a good baby I was surely going to get a hard one next. With all of our other stresses over the last few months, I can’t imagine adding a colicky baby to that mix. He just goes with the flow and adds a lot of happiness to our lives.

liam 4 months

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Comments on liam at four months

  1. 1

    From Lauren W:

    Oh the picture of him on his belly. So good.

  2. 2

    From Kara:

    I just flipped back between Liam at 4 months and M at 4 months and I forgot how much hair she had – especially compared to him! He seriously is the cutest little Sir!

  3. 3

    From kapachino:

    Her hair was outrageous! Liam’s can’t even compare.

  4. 4

    From yours truly, melissa:

    Little Liam is just too cute! Love his little expressions! I’ve been trying to get Alice attached to lovey as well…it’s not quite happening although I think she likes the lovey she just isn’t super attached to it!

    Go you on running a 5K! I’m sure you can do it :)

  5. 5

    From Nora:

    I love the romper! it’s adorable. I enjoy reading these kinds of updates, so thank YOU for sharing.

  6. 6

    From kessi:

    I LOVE these updates! Liam is a great baby – loved getting to play with him and Meredith last night!!!

  7. 7

    From Stephany:

    Oh, I had to click over and see Meredith at 4 months. THAT HAIR. God, it was the best. :)

    I love reading these updates, even if there’s very little I can relate with (ha). I can’t believe Liam is 4 months already! He’s such a little cutie. Rompers are my favorite, too. :)

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