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May 2, 2014


The weather in southeast Texas is heating up, and I am beginning to question whether or not I’ll be able to keep up with my running over the summer. The only time I have to run is right after work, and the sun is still out in full force. Thankfully the free gym at work is opening up in June or July and I’ll be able to get most of my fitness in there, but I really am enjoying my runs and would like to keep them up.



We are going to visit the shelter this weekend and possibly get a new dog to be a friend for ours since she seems to be completely calm as long as there is another pup in the house. Borrowing dogs from family members isn’t a permanent solution and although we are nervous to take on another one, at this point it is the least stressful of all the options. We aren’t rushing into it though and are looking for just the right fit.


Liam had his first belly laugh this week! It was before bed, I laid him down and while I was getting Meredith changed David went to talk to him and he was just cracking up. Makes it all worth it.


The most recent Book Riot podcast was all about book recommendations, and so my to-read list has grown that much more. Sometimes I get sad thinking about how I’ll never be able to read all the books I want to, especially since I don’t have much time for it these days. But I’m also happy that there are so many great books out there. (Side note: if you’re a book lover, check out that podcast as well as Books on the Nightstand.)


One of the best things about our family life is how connected we are to our parents, siblings, and the kids’ cousins. We see everyone a lot and we all get along. Right now Meredith is in love with her cousin Cameron, who is the next oldest from her (he turned four in January). She wants to play with him all the time and when they’re together she copies everything he does. It’s sooo adorable the way she just unashamedly admires him. Seeing her like that also makes me very afraid of her getting her heart broken one day but hopefully that’s not happening anytime soon. :)



I love that other than checking out rescue dogs, I really don’t have any plans for the weekend other than regular housekeeping stuff. I’m hoping to be able to get some more frames on our bedroom wall and maybe do some projects for fun. Have a great one!

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    From Nora:

    You make running look glamorous! That photo also reminds me that I need to get a sun visor/hat for running. I haven’t been outside much thanks to the fact that most of STL is covered in a yellow pollen blanket BUT I’m hoping to get one in this weekend (I’ve been exiled to the basement gym that we have made… which means YouTube videos & our tread climber) as I miss the open road/accomplishment feeling:)

    Good luck with the dog search this weekend; you guys are such awesome dog parents!

    Love that photo of M and her cousin.

  2. 2

    From Kara:

    Isla has that same purple shirt!

    Shelter dogs can be so amazing when you find the right match. I’m glad that when we adopted ours, he was already housebroken and done with the puppy-stage of destroying everything. (At least for the most part) Good luck on your hunt!!

  3. 3

    From Holly:

    Good luck with the dog hunt! We’re thinking about adding a second dog to our family and plan to go the rescue route too :)

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