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May 1, 2014

We are really focusing on our budget right now, and even though in general I’m not a spender or a shopper, I do get the urge to buy fun stuff sometimes! I thought that it might help me curb those cravings to share my current wish list. :)

wish list 1

home // some things take time print : my next home project is going to be building a gallery wall in our bedroom. I’m going to have to do this with thrift store finds and handmade art, but how I would love to one day hang a perfect print like this.

craft // martha stewart weave loom kit : after I finish my quilt I think I want to tackle weaving again, and this loom would make it much easier and give me more options for shapes.

style // rolled sleeve henley : what I really need clothes-wise right now are more casual, neutral, loose-fitting shirts. Something I can just throw on to run to the store or to visit family rather than my PJ’s.

kids // shirt, leggings : Liam is a big boy and his fluffy diapers make it so that we generally have to size up. We don’t have many clothes for him in size 6m and greater, so I am going to have to start begging and borrowing. I would love to splurge on soft organic baby clothes like these though!

misc // houseplants! I want to fill up the place with them. My yard and garden are going to have to wait at least another year (they need major work that I don’t have the time for right now) but I’d love to bring the outside in! In the meantime I’m taking all the free cuttings I can get. :)

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    From Sarah:

    I’ve been trying to add more houseplants to my house too, luckily we have a few plants at work that are great for cuttings. I also discovered that you can get flowerpots at a thrift store for way cheaper than new.

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    From Nikki:

    Hi! Check out Everlane for basic tops – their v-neck tshirt is the perfect fit, fitted but not tight at all, and comes in basic colors. It’s a great length, and didn’t shrink in the dryer, and they’re $16 and I think you get free shipping if you buy two!

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    From yours truly, melissa:

    House plants, I want more too! In particular some hanging plants and a nice tall snake/mother in law’s tongue plant.

    I’ve seen some weaving projects online where that loom is used. My sister in law has one and made her family’s Christmas stockings using one. They turned out really cute.

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    From Nora:

    All of my (local) friends have little girls otherwise I’d be sending you a box of boy clothes! I LOVE little boy clothes since I’m surrounded by girls :)

    I received quite a few plants after my mom passed away and I have to say, while I don’t love while I got them (duh) I love that they spruce up the house. We’ve repotted several and it’s awesome to see them grow and take off. My favorite one is the palm that my mom had in her office at work. It’s so beautiful. Point being, I’m all for houseplants.

    My favorite casual shirt has been from the J.Crew Factory Outlet, their $10 t-shirts. I bought only three (should have bought one in EVERY COLOR) as they are so soft, perfect fit and fun colors (think hot pink!) and great stripes (classic navy + white)

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