summer goals

June 24, 2014


I’m feeling really laid-back about this summer and don’t have anything huge planned. Maybe that’s how summer is supposed to be. These goals are things that might happen anyway, but hopefully this will motivate me to focus on them a bit more.

>Complete Whole30 and reintroduction plan. I’m already on my way, but it’s a big deal and I want to stick with it so it’s going on the list.

>Finish Liam’s stocking. When fall comes around there are other holiday projects I’ll want to work on, so I’d love to finish this before then.

>Go to the beach. We only live 1-2 hours away, but it’s been years since I’ve been!

>Read a long book. I’ve been so out of my reading groove and I want to get back in.

>Meredith’s birthday party. This is going to happen whether I make it a goal or not, but I want to find a place to have it that isn’t our house, preferably some sort of park.

Let’s go summer!

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    From Holly:

    We had Topher’s third birthday party at a local park and it was so much fun! We bought water guns from the dollar store for the kids and they had a blast chasing each other around. I enjoyed being able to catch up with the adults while the kids entertained themselves :)

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    From Nora:

    I think parks for a child’s birthday is an awesome idea! I went to one last summer and loved it. perfect for adults and kids alike.

    I miss going to the beach. Being landlocked stinks. (Well, ok, we have lakes but I grew up on beaches so I’m admitting I’m a beach/water snob!)

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