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July 31, 2014

I have been wanting to try art journaling for a long time now. I used to think I wasn’t artsy enough for it, but when I realized that it could be whatever I wanted it to be and I started seeing simple pages I loved (like this) I was in. I needed some kind of guidance or structure before I began, though. Eventually, as I was going through my Bible study and underlining quotes and verses, I realized that it was the perfect inspiration.

I finally got a little extra time and decided to just go for it. I didn’t want to spend any money so I’m using a regular journal that I hadn’t written in yet. It is ruled but that doesn’t bother me.

art journal

I freehand cut out the word “James” because that is what I’m studying right now.

art journal

Here are my first two pages. So far they just include magazine clippings, stamps, handwriting, and stickers.

art journal

The phrase here is something I took from my study on James 1:5-7. It talks about the repercussions of having faith versus doubting and how much is at stake.

art journal

The above quote is from Beth Moore. Just something I want to remember.

So far I’m in love with this journaling method. I’m planning to keep it simple and do pages whenever inspiration strikes. I’ll share updates as I have them. :)

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    From Nora:

    So cool! You have talent with those freehand letters =) My mom used to art journal all the time; I can’t bring myself to journal (yet) but I hope someday soon I’ll be able to get back to it. I miss it!

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