July 18, 2014


snacking on dark chocolate covered almonds.

limiting dairy in my diet because it makes me feel bloated.

hoping it doesn’t rain tomorrow for Meredith’s birthday party in the park.

keeping the party stuff simple.

starting a new daily photography project involving my Instax.

wishing for a digital camera other than my iPhone.

itching to tweak my blog design.

loving my morning Bible study time.

evaluating our budget.

planning my whole-life personal organization notebook.

needing to dig deep for patience with the kids sometimes.

missing one of the daycare teachers who I’d come to like, who just left to continue her schooling.

enjoying the company of David’s aunt who is in town.

taking Liam for his six-month checkup this afternoon.

feeling energized and excited about the weekend.

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    From Nora:

    I hope you have lovely weather for Meredith’s birthday party tomorrow. Hope you’ll share some details or pictures as the day goes :)

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