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July 25, 2014


Today I’m sharing some stuff I found around the internet. Enjoy!

>On chasing achievement.

>If you’re looking for something to do with your kids at home this summer, I highly recommend you check out Janssen’s “summer unplugged” series. Each week has a different theme including books, crafts, activities, and recipes.

>I’m pretty excited about the new app Party Party from the girls at A Beautiful Mess and I downloaded it the day it was available. We don’t have a good photobooth in our area so I’m excited to try some fun projects with this!

>White potatoes are now whole30 approved! (But not chips or fries.) I’m kinda mad they are just making this announcement when I did without them during mine. I think that would have really helped me as far as breastfeeding is concerned.

>This colorful car wash looks like such a fun kid activity!

>Paislee Press is a favorite digital designer of mine. I was looking through the shop and discovered a bunch of free downloads! Check out the photobooth strip diy, designing a photobook, and 4×6 photo templates volume 1 and volume 2.

>Seven things you can control in life.


I’ve been home sick for Liam and myself all week because of a fevery virus, but we were finally able to return to school/work today, yay! Just in time for the weekend! I do still have a headache that hasn’t gone away for four days, so I’m currently trying to manage that, figure out its cause, and possibly see a doctor if needed. Hoping it just goes away soon though! Have a great weekend all!

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    From lauren w:

    My go to when medicine doesn’t work is cold on my forehead/over my eyes.

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