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March 4, 2016

Indoor gardening with kids. This year I really want to bring more plants inside and I know my kids will love helping with them. (see above photo) Thanks to Brooke I found this post about the big stuff you don’t know before becoming a parent. This is a genius tip for rewarding yourself when you’re trying to solidify a healthy habit. I love this idea for snacking and am totally going to try it. The 2016 Week in the Life kit is up for presale now! I’m so out of the papercrafting habit (been loving Chatbooks still) but I’m excited to tackle this project again in early May and I plan to use the kit. Here are some natural beauty favorites…
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February 26, 2016

I found an example of a sliding “barn” door that I think I’d like in our bedroom! (see above photo) This scarf is so pretty, and now I have to try my hand at making it. Even though I’m grateful to have been pregnant, I still don’t love my stretch marks. I really can’t get enough of people sharing their capsule wardrobes. There is a lot I like about this apartment tour. All of the warm neutrals, textures, plants, and books. At work lately I’ve been listening to the Hymns for Hipsters playlist on Spotify and really enjoying it. I loved this article about the difference between small talk and social rituals (hint: it’s your mindset). At work I have to make conversation all…
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February 12, 2016

Here are some pretty wallpaper downloads perfect for February. (see above photo) I love the idea of this alarm clock, but David could probably sleep through it for hours. ;) A great guide to adding greenery to your space. Some simple but yummy-looking packed lunch ideas. I want to redo the kids’ room this year, so I liked this roundup of shared kids’ rooms. SUPER excited that Unfancy is back. I have always thought that she is so wise, with a great heart, even though she’s still so young. How cute is Miranda’s handmade Valentine’s dress for her adorable toddler Plum? I don’t garden (yet) but it’s something I want to do someday! Andrea is offering a free printable garden…
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link roundup / 45 / birthday edition

February 5, 2016

Hey hey, it’s my birthday! I’m taking the day off work, heading out for a much-needed pedicure soon, and then I plan to do a little shopping and crafting. Tonight my family is meeting at Torchy’s Tacos and then we plan to walk over to the Nestle store for dessert. Pretty good plan I think. :) Here are some things that caught my eye recently! I love this quilt and it makes me want to get back to sewing the one I’m making for Meredith. (see above photo) This was a really helpful article about digital curation – make the content you take in digitally serve you and your goals instead of mindlessly accepting whatever is in front of you. I…
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January 22, 2016

Parenting as an introvert. It’s hard! Two cool new photo apps I’ve discovered: A Color Story (awesome for easy editing) and Retype (for adding type). What kind of books do you not read, categorically? Personally, I avoid anything that is depressing without a glimmer of hope, that contains evil without redemption, or gratuitous violence. (Also, if I know it contains child loss, I’ll be very, very wary.) Same goes for what I watch. A father built his daughter a fairy tree in her bedroom. Um, this is amazing. And also, I’d be telling her she’d better love it WELL into her teenage years (either that, or hoping I have more daughters come along). Now THIS is a birth story. I…
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