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February 5, 2016

prism quilt

Hey hey, it’s my birthday! I’m taking the day off work, heading out for a much-needed pedicure soon, and then I plan to do a little shopping and crafting. Tonight my family is meeting at Torchy’s Tacos and then we plan to walk over to the Nestle store for dessert. Pretty good plan I think. :)

Here are some things that caught my eye recently!

I love this quilt and it makes me want to get back to sewing the one I’m making for Meredith. (see above photo)

This was a really helpful article about digital curation – make the content you take in digitally serve you and your goals instead of mindlessly accepting whatever is in front of you.

I would LOVE to be a part of this first editions club, if only I could justify the cost right now.

I really related to this post about making your goals about the process, not the result. This is the reason I made myself a self-care checklist, but I’m trying the Commit app now too. The reminders are helpful, but I wish the layout were different.

One of my favorite bloggers is baaaack!!

This is my uniform.

Here’s a DIY floating shelf I think I’m going to try to make for our bedroom.

I don’t really use potholders much but I still want to make these.

And finally, since I’m trying to celebrate small holidays this year I’m poring over my Valentine’s Day pinboard.

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    From Nora:

    Happy, happy birthday! Mexican food + a good dessert sounds like a great evening to me. Enjoy it all- you deserve it!!! <3

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