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June 26, 2015

>I loved Elise’s monthly photo project documenting her & her daughter’s year, and I super love the photobook she made from it. I just might have to do something similar (see photo above)! >Gorgeous blog about home life, and as far as homekeeping goes one of my strengths is tidiness. Loving this series about keeping things clean. >I’m so inspired to start a strength training program!! Now who wants to be my workout buddy? >These summer outfit ideas are just my style. >Speaking of style, here’s another year-round wardrobe that I love. >One couple is restoring a mid-1700’s chateau in France. I’m SO into this. >Even though it’s so hot outside now, I still love a hot cup of coffee…
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April 3, 2015

>I love to support other bloggers and one of my favorites, Elise Cripe, just launched preorder for her amazing planner + goal-setting book (pictured above). I’ll probably end up ordering one even though I would be totally fine without it. >One of my new friends from TxSC, Miranda, has a blog I love. I especially wanted to point out these posts she wrote about how to have a positive social media experience and creating a personal energy management profile. >Beautiful writing from Erin as always, this time about how we answer our kiddos’ bigger questions. >Handy tips for using Google maps. >Love this post about hanging in there through the first year of motherhood. Somehow I managed to post every day this week!…
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March 20, 2015

I’m off at Texas Style Council, but in the meantime enjoy these links that I just discovered in my drafts. :) >I haven’t been inspired by a DIY project in awhile, but this acrylic and wood message board looks so awesome! (photo above) >I agree with everything Anne says in this post about boundaries in the books she reads (i.e. profanity/sex/violence) and I would add that I have the same thoughts in choosing other media like TV and movies as well. >For as much as I love photos, I hardly have any as part of our home decor. I’m thinking of changing that with something like this. >Trisha Harrison and the A Beautiful Mess girls are really making me want…
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March 13, 2015

>I think I’m going to attempt to make one of these softies (with adorable clothes) for Meredith. She’s just starting to like to “take care of” her baby doll – so I think she’s at a good age for it – and I’d rather get rid of all the stuffed animals she doesn’t play with (aka most of them) and just have a few that are special. This would be. (photo above!) >Speaking of crafts, did you know it’s national crafts month? Craftsy has a ton of classes on sale to celebrate. >Slamdunk birthday presents for kids ages 0-8. Definitely bookmarking this one! >I love Cup of Jo! She’s so cute in this post talking about what to do with…
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February 20, 2015

My planner and my favorite pen. >I love this new series of inspiring items. >I never have time to watch TV but I’m addicted to reading recaps of The Bachelor by Ashley (hilarious) and Sharleen (former contestant, very insightful). >Some of my new favorite lifestyle/crafty blogs: Green Fingerprint, The Lovely Laura Life, Azzari Jarrett, Lily and Twig. >This post on blogging by my friend and founder of Texas Style Council hit home in so many ways. >I’m inspired by these journaling cards. They add so much interest while still being simple. >I love this easy quilt by my friend Becca. I should have started with one like this instead of the one I did! >Purse organization is one of the nagging tasks…
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