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February 20, 2015

planner love

My planner and my favorite pen.

>I love this new series of inspiring items.

>I never have time to watch TV but I’m addicted to reading recaps of The Bachelor by Ashley (hilarious) and Sharleen (former contestant, very insightful).

>Some of my new favorite lifestyle/crafty blogs: Green Fingerprint, The Lovely Laura Life, Azzari Jarrett, Lily and Twig.

>This post on blogging by my friend and founder of Texas Style Council hit home in so many ways.

>I’m inspired by these journaling cards. They add so much interest while still being simple.

>I love this easy quilt by my friend Becca. I should have started with one like this instead of the one I did!

>Purse organization is one of the nagging tasks I want to tackle this year!

>Some of the best thoughts I’ve read about the advice, “Enjoy this time” that is all too frequently given to mothers with young children.

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    From Kim:

    Thank you so much for sharing that link to the post about blogging. I resonate with that so much. I haven’t blogged much lately because I’ve felt inadequate as a blogger. When I first started blogging the community was so different and the blogs were so different. I love aspects of what blogging has become today, but I feel sad that it has made me feel bad about myself in some ways. I can’t post often enough, my pictures aren’t gorgeous, etc. I realize that kind of thinking is stupid and feel bad that I’ve let it affect me that way. These days I”m happy just putting something out there when I want to and not worrying so much whether it’s Pinterest quality.

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