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June 26, 2015

favorites photobook by elise blaha cripe

>I loved Elise’s monthly photo project documenting her & her daughter’s year, and I super love the photobook she made from it. I just might have to do something similar (see photo above)!

>Gorgeous blog about home life, and as far as homekeeping goes one of my strengths is tidiness. Loving this series about keeping things clean.

>I’m so inspired to start a strength training program!! Now who wants to be my workout buddy?

>These summer outfit ideas are just my style.

>Speaking of style, here’s another year-round wardrobe that I love.

>One couple is restoring a mid-1700’s chateau in France. I’m SO into this.

>Even though it’s so hot outside now, I still love a hot cup of coffee in the morning (probably because my husband keeps the house so cold). BUT I’m switching to iced coffee for my second cup! I use a cold-brew press (this one which is unavailable, but you could also use a large, regular French press), then dilute it with water 1:1 and add a little milk and simple syrup.

What do you have planned for the weekend? The only thing on my schedule is book club! I’m going to try and finish the book I’m reading for fun and hit up the library. Maybe get crazy and tackle another decluttering project, who knows?? Have a good one!

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    From Melissa:

    So many good links today!!! Elise just has so many good ideas. That girl is so inspiring…I’ve actually copied her mama and baby photo project this year and can’t wait to make a similar book at the end of the year. I’ve actually followed suite on many of her ideas. It’s like she suggests it and I’m all OH YEAH, totally I should do the same thing. Ha.

    I’m trying to keep a commitment to workout regularly. I’ve decided to follow ToneItUp’s weekly workout schedule which includes everything from cardio and strength training. A lot of the suggestions you have to buy but they offer so many free workouts that it’s more than enough for me at this point in my current level of fitness.

    Those summer outfits are totally my style too. I mean completely! Love every single one. Easy-comfortable-cute.

    Lastly – I liked Beautiful Ruins. I read it a couple months back, it’d be a good pool side/beach read me thinks.

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    From Kathleen:

    I have loved your version of Elise’s photo project! I was hoping you’d make a book too. Maybe I’ll do it next year.

    Do you work out at home? I’m so not good at that – I always get distracted & cut my workout short, and since I don’t have a good space for it I never feel like I’m doing it right. I really want to utilize my work gym more.

    Beautiful Ruins is definitely a perfect summer read! I’ve been wanting to read it for awhile, but have been saving it for this season.

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    From Nora:

    You are welcome to text me (though I guess you need my number!) for workout accountability; I love having people to stay in touch with on what we are doing workout wise + it keeps me motivated.

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