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March 13, 2015

miss dandelion doe softie by alicia paulson

>I think I’m going to attempt to make one of these softies (with adorable clothes) for Meredith. She’s just starting to like to “take care of” her baby doll – so I think she’s at a good age for it – and I’d rather get rid of all the stuffed animals she doesn’t play with (aka most of them) and just have a few that are special. This would be. (photo above!)

>Speaking of crafts, did you know it’s national crafts month? Craftsy has a ton of classes on sale to celebrate.

>Slamdunk birthday presents for kids ages 0-8. Definitely bookmarking this one!

>I love Cup of Jo! She’s so cute in this post talking about what to do with gray hairs. I haven’t seen any yet on me but I don’t think I want to let them grow in until I’m older. How about you?

>I love reading Rachel’s journal excerpts.

>This essay encompasses SO MUCH of how I feel as a mother. (The part about her daughter’s tantrum: yes!)

>I’m reading this book for book club. I had never heard of it (or the author) but I’m really enjoying it! I’m also at the end of this audiobook and it has been an amazing journey.

>This weekend I’ve got a mani/pedi scheduled (can. not. wait.), and I need to prepare for Texas Style Council – which is next week! I have all the nerves re: leaving my kids (especially Liam) for 4 days, and a little bit of nerves re: meeting all new people, but mostly excitement.

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    From Nora:

    I have so many gray hairs. SO MANY. They are all in one spot (so far) and I’m just kind of going with it mostly because I have such thick hair dying my hair professionally is expensive… and if I do it out of a box I need two boxes worth. Hope you have a great time at the Texas Style Council next week and can’t wait to hear all about it!

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    From Dawn:

    You know, I have no idea if I have any grey hairs! I’ve been highlighting my hair for so long, I only recently realized that my natural color has gotten a lot darker than it used to be, when I had to wait an extra three weeks for my hair appointment, due to my stylist having a family emergency. I am not sure how I would handle grays. Darn it, men have it so easy. Salt and pepper looks so good a man!

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    From Alisa Beth:

    I would LOVE that sweet softie for Felicity. I love Alicia’s things but just wish you could actually buy them ready-made. In my mind I’m a crafter, but in reality…I cannot sew, knit, crochet, etc. And, I’m sure this puts me in the minority, but I actually love finding grey hairs! I’ve been finding them for close to 10 years now and I’ve said for years that I’m just going to embrace it. I watched my mom go through dyeing her hair for YEARS and then it was such torture for her to actually grow it out when she was fully grey. I actually think it’s pretty!

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