instax home life / 2

August 27, 2014

Continuing on with my little Instax mini project today. I’m not taking pictures every single day but that’s okay. :)

instax home life

>dirty dishes in the sink
>making eggs as usual for breakfast
>sitting up and sucking his thumb

instax home life

>putting stickers on the potty chart
>playing with toys in bed
>reading books on the couch

instax home life

>making a mess in the craft room
>quilt in progress
>Liam was screaming whenever David made a growling noise

instax home life

>photo cluster on the wall
>playing in the kitchen while I made breakfast
>little toys on the toddler bed

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    From Nora:

    Hope potty training with M is going well! Liam is adorable; it is always amazing to me what little kids/babies/toddlers laugh at. If only we could be so easily amused as adults =)

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