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August 4, 2014

Last month we were able to fit in a couple activities on my Houston project list. First of all, we attended a kids’ storytime at a cool independent bookstore called Brazos Bookstore.

brazos bookstore houston

It started at 10:30 a.m. but weirdly Meredith fell asleep in the car on the way there (weird because she is usually wide awake well past noon). Waking her up is never fun but it wasn’t close so we did it. She was fine while the story was being read in the cute kids’ room, sitting on my lap with Liam in the Ergo.

brazos bookstore houston

brazos bookstore houston

Next was craft time where the kids were supposed to draw a picture of their best friend. This is where it all went downhill when the little girl sitting next to Meredith dared to use the markers she was using. (We are working on sharing.) We had to leave craft time but I thought we could look at more books in the kids’ room. That didn’t work out either (euphemising here…it was a disaster) so we had to leave pretty quickly.

brazos bookstore houston

I was bummed because M. is usually so pleasant at that time of day and gets along well with other kids. We learned our lesson not to wake her up from car naps if we can help it! I did get to browse the store a little bit, and I loved it. There were handwritten book recommendations all over from the staff and cool displays. If we had had more time there I definitely would have bought something to support it.

brazos bookstore houston

Then David and I finally got a date night in! We have two sets of willing grandparents ready to babysit at almost anytime, and yet we still go on way too few dates. We decided to keep this one low-key and just visit a new restaurant nearby called Torchy’s Tacos that is located at an outdoor mall area that has live music and events. Loved the food, and we sat outside (the weather was miraculously cool) and talked like we hardly ever really get to do.


Then we wandered down to rest by the lake and I convinced David to take a picture with me…


…and we saw ducklings!


Finally we visited the Nestle Tollhouse store where I had a scoop of ice cream and we each got a cookie treat to take home for later (and we brought Meredith home a treat too).


Usually for our date nights we just go to a movie but I’m so glad we are opting for new things now. Can’t wait to explore the city some more!

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    From Stephany:

    Woohoo – kicking off to-do’s left and right with your project! I have yet to complete one thing on my list, but I’m trying to take things slow. I do know I’ll knock off a few this month with some things already planned, so I can’t wait to blog about them!

  2. 2

    From Holly:

    Ntahan and I started doing monthly date nights this year, with planned dates for each month depending on what’s going on in our city. Last month was the Taste of Edmonton (restaurant booths/food trucks downtown), this month is the Edmonton Symphony in a park … it’s a lot of fun to go on dates that don’t include movies, so we can actually talk! We don’t get to do that too much with two kids in the house!

  3. 3

    From Nora:

    A Nestle Tollhouse storefront? be still my sugar-loving-heart. Those treats look ah-mazing.

    The bookstore looks so neat; if I ever make it to Houston we have to go, ok? =)

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