art journal / 2 (and possibly the last)

September 16, 2014

I did this simple art journal page awhile ago when I was doing my Bible study on James. At the time I intended to make a page whenever something struck a chord with me in my study. Well, I couldn’t keep up. God was really speaking to me, but I began to feel like I was “behind” on this for-fun project. So I stopped.

art journal

I still love the idea of an art journal and I love looking at them, but I find when it comes time to make my own I am overwhelmed by the blank page and I would keep putting it off and focusing on other things. The little pockets of Project Life work much better for me. :)

art journal

So for the moment, I’m shelving my art journal. It’s still there within reach, but I’m focusing on other projects right now – including survival of Meredith’s threenage years. ;)

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Comments on art journal / 2 (and possibly the last)

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    From Nora:

    The threenage years- that’s an awesome way of saying it! When I might Knight, his youngest had just turned two so I was fully present for the threenage years. It tested our patience in every sense of the word (we had 50/50 at that time so I was fully immersed) and every which way.

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    From Holly:

    Topher was pretty temperamental at three but so far four is a lot better! I think it’s because he’s learning to communicate better … He can tell me how he’s feeling and he’s learning how to deal with anger and frustration and all of those not so fun feelings. I love looking at art journals on blogs and Pinterest but I KNOW there’s no way I could find the time! I’m a month + behind on Project Life, and a year or so behind in keeping up with our photo albums ….

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    From Kathleen:

    So far the end of age 2 + beginning of year 3 have been pretty tough. I have a lot more to say about it and have a post coming soon…but there are a lot of good things too! I think she is really just learning to express herself and also pushing boundaries, trying to figure things out.

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