project life 2014 : weeks 35 – 36

September 17, 2014

Kind of a funny story about this spread. I thought it would be fun to make a video of me putting the entire thing together from start to finish. Problem: my only camera is my iPhone. But I get these ideas in my head and I can’t relax until I figure out a way to execute them.

Picture me on Saturday afternoon during precious naptime rigging up an elaborate harness using yarn and thumb tacks in order to hang my iPhone from the ceiling. I was climbing on the table and moving furniture. Positioning my supplies just so. I finally got it figured out and went to work.

I didn’t give any thought to the spread beforehand, so there was a lot of downtime on the video where I was just staring and thinking. The next day I was halfway through editing the video and thinking it was going to work, when I realized it cut off when I was about 75% through with the spread.

I was tempted to be upset by the wasted time, but instead I just had to laugh at myself. The whole thing was ridiculous. I still want to make a video one day, but I don’t think I’ll attempt it until I have a real camera with a tripod.

project life 2014, weeks 35 - 36

So anyway, this is from August 25 – September 7. It’s not one of my favorites, actually. I think I was rushing for the video. Lately I’ve been a little unhappy with my spreads in general. I love how sustainable it is for me to complete one every two weeks, but then the spreads themselves are full of photos and there is very little white space or room for journaling. So I’m trying to find a balance of simplicity.

project life 2014, weeks 35 - 36

The photos I turn black and white are usually either grainy or have colors that stand out in a bad way. My dad always takes pictures of our family when we get together (see below) but they are just simple snapshots, usually in bad lighting. But turn them black and white and brighten them up a bit and they are a great addition to the album.

I’m also so glad I captured a photo of David and Meredith going through their bedtime play routine. They have several little games they’ve made up and I think it’s both of their favorite things they do together.

project life 2014, weeks 35 - 36

project life 2014, weeks 35 - 36

Half of the right hand side was devoted to the room switch we did. It took a lot of time and energy.

project life 2014, weeks 35 - 36

I’m not done decorating their room yet, and I’m also not set on the final furniture placement. But I do hope to share it with you one day.

project life 2014, weeks 35 - 36

I love combining two or more photos on one 4×6 card when there is a similar theme going on.

project life 2014, weeks 35 - 36

So that’s another spread in the books. I’m going to continue doing two weeks per spread for the remainder of this year, but I’m feeling the itch to reassess my method going forward.

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Comments on project life 2014 : weeks 35 – 36

  1. 1

    From Sarah @ Beauty School Dropout:

    I think there are little iphone tripods you can buy! I can so see myself trying to rig up a phone hanging from the ceiling. Of course something would mess up the video after all that work — Murphy’s Law, right?

    I think it’s normal to get sort of bored with the layouts at this point in the year. I think I’m going to continue with the same style for the rest of the year, but start planning how I’m going to mix it up for next year. Actually I was thinking I wanted to do something a little more like yours — no rounded corners, neutral color palette, etc.

  2. 2

    From Kathleen:

    I still really like the basic format of mine, with the neutrals and such. I’m just not liking the way it’s coming together. I think I’m trying to cram in too many photos. Next time I’m going to edit them down – I really don’t need to include a million photos of my kiddos!

  3. 3

    From Nora:

    I can picture you using yarn and thumb tacks to hold the phone! So creative, you are. I love that you want to share/document your process with us.

    Black & white photos are some of my favorites! I think that no matter what, huge kudos your way for staying on this project and keeping up with it.

  4. 4

    From Becca Hoelscher:

    I can’t wait to see more pictures of their new room one day!

  5. 5

    From Holly:

    I’m in my second year of Project Life and I really enjoy it … I’m just horrible at keeping up. I write down the important events in a book so I remember what happened each week but I find I use a lot of photos and not as much journalling. I love the way you have a real format and theme to yours – mine is just a mish mash of whatever!

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