race report : just run for a just cause (my first 10k!)

September 29, 2014

You guys, things have been so crazy the past few weeks. I’m ready for some normalcy! Over the weekend David spent a night and a day in the hospital getting IV antibiotics and being evaluated. He just wasn’t getting over his pneumonia as an outpatient and it needed to be taken care of (he’s been sick almost three weeks now). He was admitted late Saturday night but got to come home Sunday evening, thankfully.

On Friday I got a migraine while at work. I was the only nurse there and it was awful. I used to get migraines as a kid but I hadn’t had one in almost ten years until last month when I had strep, and now again this month. I hope this is not going to become a thing again! Anyway, some nurses from another department helped me out on Friday while I was so sick, and my mom came to pick me up because I couldn’t drive. Thankfully I felt better that evening and got a good night’s sleep.

I was worried that I would feel hungover the next day from such an intense headache because I was determined to run this 10k! I actually felt well though, and despite rushing to get myself and the kids there on time, it was a good morning.

This race was put on by a large local church and the funds raised went to fight human trafficking. My parents came to do the 1-mile family walk and they pushed the kids in their strollers. My brother and sister-in-law also ran the 10k, and I ran the first 5k with my running buddy Joanna from church.

family at just run

I am so happy and proud to have finished the 10k with no walking and a negative split. The first 5k went by super fast since Joanna and I were talking the whole time. The second 5k I was alone because we had drifted from my brother and sister-in-law, but it was fine. I was able to push myself a bit more. The weather was overcast and cool-ish so I didn’t even need sunglasses. At the very end I was definitely pushing myself (I just wanted to finish) – my legs and lungs felt great but my stomach was reaching the point where I had to be careful or might have thrown up. :) Thankfully that didn’t happen and my family was waiting for me at the finish line!

Official results

Time: 1:06:32
Pace: 10:45/mile
Overall place: 160/238
Age group place: 17/35

just run 10k race report

After walking out my crampy muscles we were able to enjoy the free smoothies and coffee. There was a big inflatable slide that Meredith had fun on. And then we went back to my parents’ house for a big breakfast and more family time.

I am so grateful that my migraine didn’t come back. My hips and legs were sore, but stretching helped a lot. I was able to get a bunch of chores done, and then later that night was when David went to the hospital. I was awake until after 1:00 a.m. that night, and up early with the kids on Sunday. Looking forward to some normalcy soon, but this race was definitely the highlight of my weekend. Lots of fun and a great cause!

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    From Nora:

    Congrats on the race; sounds like all in all (minus David being sick) a wonderful morning.
    Sorry to hear about David & the hospital visit; I hope he’s officially on the mend now. Will be sending extra thoughts & Prayers your way.

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