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October 11, 2014

link roundup

Today I’m sharing some stuff I found around the internet. Enjoy!

>Thoughts on making your life what you want.

>Every year about this time I want to buy all of Alicia’s ornament kits. One day I will!

>This post went to my heart. I have such strong nostalgia surrounding the births of my kids.

>I am loving Laura’s honest writing this month. I have a relationship just like this one in my past.

>Simple & budget-friendly tips for hosting. This really makes me want more guests! We have a guest room, anyone want to come visit us??

>Oh man, I want some sheep. And to learn to knit.

>My friend Indiana got a wedding redo on national television because her wedding had so many (hilarious) mishaps to it. Definitely watch the video!

>I’ve tried Swagbucks but never got serious about it. Kerri makes me want to be more intentional about it!

On a personal note, Liam is finally on antibiotics for a sinus infection, David and I are considering another whole30 (it would be his first), and I am so happy to have a free weekend! Enjoy it, friends. :)

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