project life 2014 : weeks 37 – 38

October 1, 2014

With this Project Life spread I feel like I’m back in the groove and inspired again. I love the way it turned out.

As mentioned in my last update, I haven’t been happy with my spreads lately, and I realized the reason was because I was trying to cram too many photos in. It ended up feeling busy and chaotic with very little room for journaling or white space.

I thought about going to weekly spreads, but decided against it for this year. The answer for me right now is to simply include less photos. I had been putting in almost every single cute pic of my kids just because it was hard not to. But I realized that I only need one or two of them to tell our story. If I ever really need to see more cute pics of my kids I can look at the digital photos.

So I love this spread because it has more photos of things that aren’t my kids – because my life is so much more than just them. Hmm does that sound bad? Well it’s true!

I also love that this page seems to be able to “breathe” more than the others lately, and that I got to write down a little bit more of the story.

project life 2014, weeks 37 - 38 at kapachino

So! This was from September 8 – 21. It’s actually kind of ironic how calm the spread turned out considering it was kind of a stressful time for me. David sick, Meredith acting out, stressed with work stuff.

project life 2014, weeks 37 - 38 at kapachino

I’m glad I got to include my fall goals list. I like to be able to look back and see what I was thinking and striving for at that time. By the way, I got my handwriting on that photo using an iPad, a stylus, and the Skitch app. Super fun and I’ll be doing more of it.

project life 2014, weeks 37 - 38 at kapachino

project life 2014, weeks 37 - 38 at kapachino

Have you noticed that some of my corners are rounded and some aren’t? I thought it would bother me, but it really doesn’t. I still like using the core kit cards when they fit the spread, and those come rounded. I like the square corners in general though, and I like not spending the time to round them.

project life 2014, weeks 37 - 38 at kapachino

I love this picture of all the kids from our church life group crowded around our little kitchen table. Meredith is by far the youngest here but she wanted to be right there with them.

project life 2014, weeks 37 - 38 at kapachino

This little journaling card gives a  pretty good overview of the whole two weeks. Even though I include each week’s events on a day-to-day basis, sometimes you miss the overall feeling without room to tie it all together.

project life 2014, weeks 37 - 38 at kapachino

I’m so happy to be back on target with this project! I even converted another woman at my church to give it a go. Sometimes I feel like an unofficial ambassador for it. :)

p.s. – my project life process and some tips

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  1. 1

    From Nora:

    The spread looks great! I don’t think it’s bad that you say your life is more than just your kids because, well, that’s a good thing as far as I know =)

  2. 2

    From Sarah @ Beauty School Dropout:

    Of course your life is about more than your kids! You’re right, this spread looks really great, and you’re right, the mix of rounded and non rounded corners really doesn’t matter that much. I may quit rounding my photos… I hate finding those little triangles all over my house!

    You make a really good point about including enough white space. I’d like to incorporate more of that into my album for next year. I also love the consistent things you include in most of your spreads, like the date stamp, etc.

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