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October 3, 2014


The high of my week was book club last Sunday, where both kids came and both kids were extraordinarily well-behaved!

The low of my week was probably getting a headache at work on Monday while I was the only nurse there, being paranoid that it would turn into a migraine, and being so busy that I couldn’t eat lunch until close to 3 p.m.

The best money I spent was a few dollars for more dark chocolate covered almonds. It’s my daily snack and I’m much happier with it. :)

A podcast episode I loved was “The Readers on the Nightstand” from Books on the Nightstand. They did a Q&A session with the hosts of UK-based podcast The Readers and it was so interesting! It also gave me lots of ideas for book topics to write about here.

My weekend plans include oh geez…too much. I tend to over-book myself these days and I need to cut back! Anyway, today is our anniversary so we will be celebrating that, I am running the Komen 5k in the morning (it’s supposed to get cool…I’m so excited to run in that weather), we are attending the funeral of a beloved patient I took care of, and I’m hitting up a cute new independent toy store with a friend of mine. For personal projects, I’d like to do some quilt sewing, bake a quick bread for my challenge, read a bunch, and do some research for a creative business idea I have.

How was your week?

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    From Nora:

    Happy anniversary! Good time for weddings; our two year is on Monday =)
    Good luck with the race tomorrow; it’s much cooler here (low of 39 tonight!) so if you want cooler, come on up to STL.
    So sorry to hear about your patient. Sending you peace and love. <3

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    From Caroline:

    My weeks tend to be over book as well. This particular weekend I was a tour guide for a lifelong friend of mine from the opposite side of my great state of Michigan. I live in Grand Rapids and we are currently host to the 6th annual largest art competition in the U.S., ArtPrize (3-weeks of art fun on many levels of talent – anyone can enter). The weather was awful so much of the time we spent ducking into cute stores to keep the hail and rain off of us. I was certain my 3-year old would be bored to tears in his stroller, but he actually cried on Sunday when we weren’t able to go experience ArtPrize. Needless to say, we are going tonight as a family. Didn’t know he loved it so much. In case you are curious here is a link for it.

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