favorite things giveaway blog hop! (closed)

December 3, 2014

favorite things giveaway

As a thank you to our readers and in celebration of the season for giving, I’m happy to be joining with a bunch of other bloggers to give away a bundle of my favorite things. Each of us put together our own gifts, so once you’re done here be sure to visit their blogs and enter for a chance to win there too.

Here is what I’m giving away:

  • One of my favorite books, Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout
  • A reusable coffee cup
  • And a reusable handmade coffee sleeve for when you forget the cup at home
  • Amazing handmade bar soap from a local company, in my favorite vanilla orange scent
  • Two sets of alphabet stamps (upper and lower case)
  • The best pen ever, plus two refills (seriously this pen makes me excited to journal)
  • A year-long subscription to HGTV magazine, the only one I will actually read each month instead of let pile up

my gift

Ready to enter? All you have to do is leave a comment on this post. I would love to hear about how your family does Christmas gifts, or what your go-to gift is for coworkers, neighbors, teachers, etc.

The giveaway will be open until Tuesday, December 9 and is USA only.

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  1. 1

    From Carrie:

    I’ve been struggling internally for a long time about how we do Christmas presents with the kids. As much as I love that “come downstairs and see the Christmas tree piled with presents” feeling that I remember, that’s not economically feasible, and gives my kids the wrong idea. We’ve tried minimizing how many we give them, but still, come Thanksgiving, they’re making lists and talking about what they want.
    This year we’re trying the J-O-Y method. They will be able to pick one gift from the Gospel for Asia catalog. (Blankets, chickens, goats, etc. It could be Heifer Project or whatever.) That’s their gift to be Jesus for someone else. They will each pick a gift for each of their siblings. Those are their gifts for Others. Then they will each get one (relatively nice) gift from us. That’s their You gift.
    They seem to understand it. We’ll see how it goes. :)

  2. 2

    From Kathleen:

    I have never heard of that method before but I LOVE it! My kids are still too little to really ask for gifts (and thus we only get them something small and rely on the family to give them most of their gifts), but next year my daughter will be 4 so we are going to have to put some boundaries up!

  3. 3

    From Tillie:

    Since the divorce I pretty much don’t do anything for Christmas…I kinda miss getting gifts {who doesn’t} but honestly I’m tired of spending a crapton for a holiday. Thankfully my siblings are almost all grown…

  4. 4

    From Kate:

    We were always allowed to open our stockings while we waited for our parents to wake up. My stocking always had a book in it to keep me occupied while I waited!

  5. 5

    From Jennifer:

    I’m kind of embarrassed to say that we go stupid at Christmas. We all make lists, and usually the adult-kids get most of what we ask for. And the kid-kids get stupid amounts of stuff – so much that sometimes we wonder how we’re going to eat dinner the next week. We need to figure something else out … especially with kid #4 on the way, because it’s a little out of hand, and totally the opposite of the reason for the season. :(

  6. 6

    From lauren w:

    My family is skipping gift giving this year since we got all the work done on the house and we got rid of so much stuff. We don’t want to bring it more stuff!!!

  7. 7

    From Nora:

    What an awesome giveaway!!!! I mean, I would be happy with just one of these things, but my goodness, what a treat.

    In years past my parents, my brother, and Knight all exchange presents. We also give to our nieces, have stuff for my bonus girls (which we usually give them in the summer if we don’t have them over the holidays) and that’s pretty much it. This year, though, well, it all seems to be too much and doesn’t feel like Christmas so we are replacing presents with a family trip to get away. We did get stuff for the girls already and will still take care of our nieces. I’m enjoying donating time and energy and resources to charities this year, focusing on the reason for the season and doing some good in the community.

  8. 8

    From ~Karrilee~:

    We have scaled back quite a bit over the last few years – giving more room to give to charities, during the holidays but also all year long! It helps that our little is all grown up -relatively! ;) On both extended sides of the family, we just buy for the kiddos… which means on one side – nothing anymore as my daughter is the youngest and she moved out this summer… and on the other, about 10 kids. We used to make ‘couple’ or ‘family’ gifts for the adults but even that has sort of faded away. It’s transitioned to really be less about the gifts (but let’s be real… it’s still a little about the gifts!) and more about being together! (I love the JOY approach too! What a great idea!)

  9. 9

    From San:

    Wow, how sweet. Those are really neat giveaway-packages!

    I love to give Christmas presents to my family, but we usually set a monetary limit and/or pitch in on “one larger gift” rather then having anybody buy something small. We still keep it fairly inexpensive, because the most important part for us is to spend time together.
    I won’t be going home for Christmas this year and so we’re skipping sending gifts entirely (as postage is so expensive). I’ll only send a small gift for my niece and nephew. :)

  10. 10

    From Amanda:

    My go to gift for coworkers this year is tea and coffee. Teavana has been a huge hit in our office. A little decorative tin of tea or two makes the perfect gift that they can enjoy throughout the year.

  11. 11

    From shelly:

    I love hand making things for neighbors (usually cookies or chocolates) and gift cards to restaurants or alcohol to co-workers! ;)

  12. 12

    From Holly:

    I’m in Canada so I don’t count for the giveaway, but my go-to gift for co-workers, neighbours, and friends is baking. I do a baking day with my MIL, SIL and grandma-in-law, and the kids and I do a week or so of baking (one thing/day) and then make up tins for people. I’m starting to realize that it’s almost as expensive to do so much baking as it is to buy gifts for all of those people, but we have fun with it, so it’s worth it :)

  13. 13

    From Mrs. AOK:

    I LOVE YOUR GIVEAWAY!! We love to bake, this is our first Christmas here in this house, but back in Illinois we would always bake for our neighbors and mailman.
    Happy Holidays!

  14. 14

    From Kessi:

    I hand make at least 90% of my family/friends’ gifts. Not only is it more fiscally responsible, but I really enjoy making a gift and not just giving a present. I can’t tell you what I’ve made this year because, well… you’re getting it, too… This year we’re going to “Elf” several neighbors – make small gift baskets of practical things + yummies + a gospel scripture and leave them on their doorstep when they’re not home. Intentional kindness… that’s the lesson that we’re focusing on with Caleb. We’re looking at common ways to intentionally imitate the intense love of God shown through Christ’s birth.

  15. 15

    From Sarah @ Beauty School Dropout:

    My parents and other relatives spoil our kids so much that I don’t get them too much. Last year I did the “something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read” thing, but honestly my kids don’t even need clothes! I got them each a toy and I’m calling it good. (I’ll probably do stocking stuffers too, but I’m not thinking about that yet.)
    For teachers, babysitters, etc. I usually try to pick one gift that will work for everyone. This year it’s spice sets from Penzeys. Four spice blends for $10, I thought it was pretty good! =)

  16. 16

    From Jill:

    What a generous giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win.
    We’ve drawn names in my family to keep spending under control. With my husband’s family, we’ve made a donation to a different Christian charity in their name (and added a few things to stockings!) My daughter is only 1, but she still gets so many gifts from family It’s nice and generous of them, but I know we’ll have to set some limits as she gets older.

  17. 17

    From Karen:

    I love giving my friends random treats I find on Etsy. I like supporting individuals making cool stuff. This year I’m obsessed with this fancy/natural soap maker I found on etsy (PurringBuddha)

  18. 18

    From Rebekah:

    We don’t go too crazy for Christmas, but stockings are a really big deal for us. Also, we make our daughter wait until we’re up, then I go out turn on the lights, turn on Christmas music and then her dad brings her out so I can get that “oh my goodness” picture. Not sure how much longer we can pull this one off, but she still loves the surprise, so that’s good. This year, we’re also reading through Unwrapping the Greatest Gift as part of our Advent celebration, and that’s been really special.

  19. 19

    From Heather M.:

    A Starbucks gift card is my go-to gift. And I love getting them too! :>

  20. 20

    From Lisa of Lisa's Yarns:

    Wow, what an awesome giveaway! How generous of you!

    My family has really really cut back on gift giving. Us kids go together and get something for my parents, I get books for all of my nieces and nephews, and the nieces and nephews all draw names. And my parents get a gift for each kid/grandkid/son-in-law/daughter-in-law. It’s still a lot of presents considering there are so many of us, but it’s less than we used to do.

    My go to gift for a coworker is a giftcard to Starbucks or Caribou. If it’s a girl, I would get her a Anthropologie candle. But I don’t *think* anyone exchanges gifts at my office – at least I hope not…

  21. 21

    From L Jamison:

    I love giving friends and neighbors a bottle of wine! It goes great with everything! : )

  22. 22

    From Emily:

    We set a limit of about $25-$30 per person (and that includes our kids, our siblings, their children, and our parents.) I shop kids consignment stores and the dollar store for the kids and then I either make gifts for the adults or we just shop mindfully.

    I enjoy it so much more when it is simple. Also, even if I have not reached the monetary limit I stop at 3 gifts for the boys. As they get older we will re-evaluate and probably set the limit a bit higher with one larger gift and a couple small ones, but I intend for it to always be fairly simple.

    Elijah loves presents and the anticipation but he loves the tradition of putting up the tree and drinking hot cocoa just as much.

  23. 23

    From Andrea Troutman:

    My sisters and I don’t give gifts to each other anymore, we just buy for the kids. Sometimes we put our money together to get a nice gift for our mom instead of 3 smaller gifts

  24. 24

    From Caroline:

    I blend my traditions choosing to celebrate some things that are Polish (my birth land), Dutch (I lived there for 5 years during my childhood) and American (my adopted homeland). So our son gets a gift in his shoe, which he sets outside of his bedroom for St. Nickolas day (Dutch tradition) and he’ll get to open gifts in his stocking. Christmas Eve dinner will tap into my Polish side with each food being served separately. Oplatek – host to break amongst family and wish each other a happy and prosperous year, sledzie or pickled herring, barszcz warm red beet broth with mushroom-stuffed pasta, smazona ryba or fried fish, traditionally it should be carp, but I am not a fan so we usually go for a tilapia or salmon, pierogi which are served without meat for Christmas eve, instead we opt for sauerkraut and dried mushroom filling. After dinner we have some angel wing cookies and coffee.

  25. 25

    From brooke:

    Our extended families do a combination of drawing names + getting little gifts for everyone + no gifts for adults. It’s a hodge podge. My mother-in-law implemented a new rule for the gifts she gives adults, this year. She used to buy us each 10-15 gifts (overboard!), but this year decided that she would spend the same amount of money, but we had to limit the number of gifts to 5. It was really fun to pick out a few bigger/more expensive items for myself without feeling guilty and for my hubby that could only think of a few not-so-expensive items, she will give the difference in cash. Pretty sweet deal for us spoiled grown ups! :)

  26. 26

    From Jana @ Jana Says:

    Gel pens are the absolute best!!! I love them! I had one brand that I used all through college and grad school and my first 2 jobs and then they discontinued them or I can’t find them anymore. I have yet to find ones to replace them.

    My go-to gift is usually some sort of gift card. Simple and easy.

  27. 27

    From Amanda:

    We usually do one gift per person with just our immediate family. We have cut back a lot and everyone is totally fine with that. But we still all spoil the kiddos;)

  28. 28

    From Amy C.:

    I love to gift Philosophy Bath products to the ladies in my life! It’s an indulgence that most everyone loves. I also make a lot of baked goodies and give them out to my two sons teachers and administrative staff. Happy holidays to you and your family!

  29. 29

    From aimee fauci:

    We wake up super early on Christmas & turn on music & watch the kids excitement.

  30. 30

    From Cindy A.:

    One of my favorite things to do at Christmas is give out coats and other warm items to the homeless. On Christmas Eve my mister and I fill the car up with items we have collected throughout the year and take them to areas where we know the homeless frequent. It has become a tradition for us and I really love being able to do it.

  31. 31

    From Mia J:

    I usually make homemade cookies and candies for my friends and neighbors.

  32. 32

    From Jill:

    Our families have grown so large that now we pick names on each side. This has cut down on costs so much! I buy a few small gifts for the kids for Christmas morning but my favourite tradition is the sock advent calendar I created. My 3 year old gets so excited for her surprise every morning. So cute.

  33. 33

    From Emily:

    My go-to gift are things I buy throughout the year on my travels. Chocolate bars and handmade necklaces aren’t expensive, but they’re way cooler when I bring them from afar!

    I love your “books and reading” posts. I sometimes buy books as holiday gifts, and I should do that more often!

  34. 34

    From theresa J:

    I love making Christmas cookies for family and friends

  35. 35

    From lisacng @ expandng.com:

    Great giveaway! My go-to is homemaking something (this year it’s scarves) + a smaller bought gift.

  36. 36

    From Mary Gardner:

    I usually give homemade baked goods to friends and co workers. If I don’t have time to cook candles are a favorite go to for women, and men usually like some sort of summer sausage with cheese and crackers.

  37. 37

    From Abigail Pasca:

    Christmas is such a special time. Before Christmas, my sisters, mum, and I decorate our home. I also enjoy going caroling with my church Every year, my extended family gets together to celebrate. This year we are hosting it at my home! In the morning, we read the Nativity passage from the Bible and open our gifts. At noon, we all get together and enjoy a lovely home cooked meal, and spend time in fellowship as we celebrate the birth of Christ. We attend church that afternoon, sing beautiful Christmas songs, and hear the Word of God preached.
    as for gift giving, I love shopping for my friends and family. I have 15 people to shop for this year! :) I also enjoy making homemade gifts. This year I’m decorating mugs for my closest friends.
    Happy Holidays dear!

  38. 38

    From Rachel Beltz:

    I love baking! So my gifts are usually tons of cookies, cupcakes, and other cute little delicious goods!

  39. 39

    From alisa beth:

    I have been thinking about how we will handle gift giving with our little family for YEARS! This will be the 4th Christmas that we have kids and our 2nd year attempting to do the three gifts to represent the three wise men. We are loosely doing something to wear (dress up), something to read (though each kiddo has two books that I will wrap together to look like one gift), and something they want/toy. Santa is bringing one modest type gift for each kid (the last two years we’ve done one bigger gift — train table, play kitchen). And then there’s the stocking which will have a few things that I’ve collected throughout the last couple of months for super cheap along with some beloved “chocolate ones.” When I was a kid, Santa and then later on my mom, used to give a joint gift to my brother and me — always a board game. This was one of my favorite things and I remember many years of playing our new board game together on Christmas afternoon. Years later I found out this was a way my mom tried to encourage the sibling relationship (we are five years apart) and try to get us to play together and get along. Now as a parent, I TOTALLY get it and Simon and Gideon (4 and 2.5) have just begun to play games together so we are starting the joint game gift this year. We are going to give them a game and a new pair of pajamas on Christmas Eve and then play together as a family. We only give gifts to nieces and nephews in our extended family (there are 5 so far) and this year we are gifting book subscriptions through Zoobean ($30 for a 3 month subscription). I like the idea of gifting books much better than toys and usually try to give books each year, but Zoobean has been an awesome service (we’ve had it for Simon for the last 3 months) and I’ve loved it so much that I thought it was a nice, easy way to take care of Christmas presents. We are also going to send a little book to each kiddo so they have something to unwrap from us and the subscription will start in January. (thanks for doing this super cool give away! And, I have loved reading through everyone’s comments about gift giving and holiday fun stuff!)

  40. 40

    From Sarah:

    I only do gifts for family, which in itself is getting to be a challenge as the family grows! Two of my favorite things from growing up were that 1) we each got to open 1 present on Christmas Eve and 2) on Christmas day, we would go around in a circle opening gifts one by one. That way you get to see what everyone gets!

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