february 2015 goals

February 3, 2015

february 2015 goals / kapachino

Happy February! I know this is lots of people’s least favorite month because it’s winter with no sign of spring, but thankfully it is my birthday month so I’ve always had a sweet spot for it. :) Here are my goals!

Nagging task: replace dead light bulbs

This is pretty straightforward, but it’s one of those things that I tend to put off and then when we finally get around to doing it, it makes such a huge difference. Anyway, we’ve got a bunch of dead bulbs right now.

Purchase: iPhone tripod

I wanted to make my purchase this month something fun, but also that is practical and has been on my wish list for a long time. Since my phone is my only camera right now, having a flexible tripod will be a huge help to me.

Style & Beauty: find a tinted facial moisturizer

My tried-and-true routine of regular facial moisturizer + powdered mineral foundation is not cutting it right now. My fine wrinkles seem to be multiplying lately, and the powder just enhances them in this weather. I think I need a light, cream foundation instead. I’ve heard good things about this one, so I’m going to try it!

Leisure: take a knitting class

This is my mom’s birthday gift to me and I’m so excited to learn! We are going to go to this adorable independent yarn shop for the class.

Memory-keeping: complete Wednesday and Thursday in my Week in the Life album

Getting ambitious and aiming for two days completed this month! After all, I want to have it finished before the next one starts! ;)

Blogging: design business cards

I just need to do this for Texas Style Council, which I am attending in March, and I don’t want to leave it till the last minute. It will be good to have it done for the future as well, though.

So those are my goals for this month, and here’s how I did in January…

Clean the car – yes!

Purchase running gear – I bought a band to attach my phone to my hand while I run and that was the main thing I needed. I do need a jacket but this is more of an investment that I will save up for. And I’ll probably need another couple of shirts in the summertime.

Make a list of needs for my cold-weather wardrobe – I did it, but it’s going to take me a long time to purchase all the items! It’s good to have a guide though.

Read three books – I read five!

Complete Monday in my Week in the Life album – I did Monday and Tuesday.

Choose blog fonts – I think I’m settled on Gill Sans and Didot for my graphics.

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  1. 1

    From Nora:

    I’ve never thought about my least favorite month, but I don’t think it’s February! A lot of birthdays for my friends this month which makes it fun and exciting.

    Sounds like you have some good plans/goals for this month. I hope you share more about the knitting class with us!

  2. 2

    From Holly:

    My least favourite month is definitely January – it always seems so long and so cold! I love February – there are a couple of family birthdays this month, plus we always do “Frugal February” (a no spending month) – which makes for a fun challenge. This year I cheated, though, and put in a rather large Amazon order on January 31st :D

  3. 3

    From Kathleen:

    I love that you see a no-spending month as a fun challenge! I am really trying not to spend either, but there are some things I need or highly want and I’m seriously debating whether it’s a good time to buy them or not. I think that when you give yourself an absolute rule, like a no-spend month, it actually relieves a lot of the pressure and makes it easier! (But the Amazon order on Jan 31st is also genius – the order will come to you in Feb so it feels like shopping!)

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