meredith lately

August 31, 2015

meredith lately august 2015

Me: Meredith, what do you want for your birthday?
Meredith: ummm…a dinosaur, a vacuum, carpet, grass, and a big ole truck.

crying when we had to leave her cousins’ house…
David: you don’t have to be sad because when we go home we still have each other to play with.
Meredith: (sobbing) I don’t WANNA play with anybody. I wanna go to jail!!

while reading to herself in her room and I came in to join her…
Meredith: hey, stop looking at me and talking to me!
Me: I wasn’t talking. Can’t I be in here with you?
Meredith: okay, but if you say anything I’m gonna have to go to another room.

meredith lately august 2015

while playing in the kiddie pool with her cousins she ran inside to find me…
Meredith: mommy, Lucas got water in my eye!
Me: well, that happens when you play in the pool and it’s okay.
David: and you don’t have to tattle tale.
Meredith: I didn’t tattle tale, Lucas did!

while hovering dangerously around a birthday party favor baggie…
Meredith: what’d you say, mommy?
Me: um…be careful? (I hadn’t said anything.)
Meredith: no, what did you say?
Me: (confused face)
Meredith: did you say treat?

while sitting on my lap playing a game on my phone and I bumped her arm…
Meredith: hey you keep messing me up! I’m trying to work here.

meredith lately august 2015

Me: can you bring me your cup of water so Liam doesn’t spill it, please?
Meredith: I can’t, I want you to.
Me: why can’t you? Your legs don’t work?
Meredith: no I can only walk a little bit. Because I’m old like Pappy.

on a walk…
Me: when you’re in the street you need to walk fast because a car might come.
Meredith: and hit me? And make me into a pancake?
Me: exactly. And I would not want you to be a pancake.
Meredith: why not?
Me: because then you’d be in heaven and I would miss you a lot.
Meredith: but…you could eat me. If I was a pancake.

meredith lately august 2015

After putting on all my rings, one for each finger…
Meredith: now I’m married to a boy.

carrying over some dried fruit bags she found in the pantry while foraging…
Meredith: what are these Mommy?
Me: those are dates and those are prunes.
Meredith: (wrinkling her nose and putting the bag down) I don’t like dates.
Me: they’re sweet.
Meredith: (immediately grabbing the bag back) okay!!

meredith lately august 2015

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  1. 1

    From Nora:

    I love hearing all the things kids say. That last picture? Just gorgeous. What a sweet face and lovely smile she has. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. 2

    From Ashley:

    awww…you will cherish these conversations for a lifetime… it!!!

  3. 3

    From Sarah:

    Ha! The pancake one made me literally giggle out loud.

  4. 4

    From Melissa:

    These are always so great. Loved “i’m old like pappy” one :)

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