midday walks

August 12, 2015

midday walks at the hospital

midday walks at the hospital

midday walks at the hospital

midday walks at the hospital


midday walks at the hospital

midday walks at the hospital

midday walks at the hospital

I’ve decided to try and let the Fitbit motivate me again. I wear it for work because we get insurance benefits if we average 5,000 steps per day (which I do), but I rarely hit my 10,000 step goal no matter how many challenges I join. Lately my workouts have been only yoga and weight lifting, so I don’t get “credit” for those. (Although I do plan on adding running back into the mix once I get a little more used to the weights.)

I love the idea of taking a long walk after dinner. Going by myself and listening to a podcast or audiobook would be such a treat, although that particular set of circumstances won’t be happening anytime soon. I would love to take the kids on a walk, even, but they only want to go to the park which is just a block away. So it’s hard to get a good evening walk in.

My solution, for now, is midday walks. We have not been all that busy at work lately, so it’s possible to leave the clinic for a bit. It’s about 2,000 steps to do a full loop around the hospital grounds. And even though it is scorching hot outside, inside it is like an icebox so I need about 2,000 steps to thaw.

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    From Nora:

    Midday walks can be so rejuvenating! It’s an icebox in our office, too- I have my window open right now to let in some of that classic midwestern humidity so that I can thaw out a bit. Hitting 7k steps a day is great! One thing about fitness: we all have to do what we can. It won’t be a home run every single day, but being aware and trying is a good piece of the puzzle.

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    From Sarah K:

    I try to take an afternoon walking break at work too! It is nice to warm up after freezing in the office all day.

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    From San:

    Midday walks are a great idea that I’ve just started to try implement in my work day… I usually eat lunch at my desk or I go outside to sit on a bench for a while… but actually getting a little walk in is such a great idea. I am currently tracking my steps with my phone (although that doesn’t seem to be very accurate – because I don’t have it on me all the time). Is a fitbit really worth the expense?

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    From Kathleen:

    I’d say it’s worth it if it motivates you! They are pretty accurate and have lots of cool features. I especially like the social aspect. I think the flex is on sale right now on Amazon

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