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September 18, 2015


>What do you think about this home tour? It’s so pretty, but I don’t think I’d actually want to live somewhere like that. On the other hand, that cross-stitched pillow? I have to make one. (photo above)

>What a cool idea for a weekly wall calendar.

>Are you a blogger interested in doing sponsored posts? Here is a long list of companies to sign up with that can connect you with brands.

>If you have a strong-willed, spirited, intense child (like I do), here are some book recommendations for you!

>You know reading slumps are a thing, right? Here are some tips for getting out of one! (I need to do this now.)

>Food is a big area we are focusing on to save money, and these are great tips on how to do so easily.

>Fun idea for an easy kids’ meal.

I’m in a bit of a general funk lately, so this weekend I’m hoping to pull out of it a little bit by having a date night, trying some new wellness products I’m excited about, and getting a plan in place for working out and bringing back my morning routine.

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    From Nora:

    Funny that you mention having a place to sit; we are going to Nashville for a weekend getaway with some of our good friends and in looking for a vacation rental place, we found this awesome (for girls), doll house place, all dressed up in pink and gold and ornate-ness. I would be afraid to sit ANYWHERE in the house, though.

    Hope this weekend is rejuvenating for you. <3

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    From rae:

    Kathleen, thanks for the linky love!!! XO, Rae

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    From Sarah:

    I love house tours like that, but I always have to remind myself repeatedly that they are aspirational, not realistic (at least not for me). I’d love it if my house could look so put together, but reality is that there are usually toys all over the living room and at least a few dishes in the sink — and that’s on a good day. ;)

    A family tree cross stitch pillow though?? That is indeed amazing. And now I have another craft project on my to do list…although I think I’d do it as a wall hanging instead of a pillow.

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    From Melissa:

    Loved that house tour – so clean and bright. I’d say that I’d love live in a house like that but I just don’t know that it’s very feasible with children and with life in general. I love the minimalist look but I don’t have the energy to keep it that way I think.

    I’d love to save money on food – looked over the tips and thought they were good but a little labor intensive. As a working mom I don’t have a ton of energy to make homemade everything. Read zero energy! HA. But I totally WISH I DID! I’m lucky to get one completely home made meal on the table each week. I don’t know about you, but our kids are not in the best mood after we get home from work and daycare. They’re tired, hungry, and grumpy and I couldn’t imagine making homemade dressing those days! ;) Maybe it’ll be better when they are older

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