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October 16, 2015


1/ I really liked this post about getting back to old school blogging: all your photos and words in one place. I can’t keep up with social media these days and although I find it fun, I can’t do it all!

2/ Modern Parents Messy  Kids released their 2015 gift guides! These are my favorite for picking out kids’ gifts whether it’s Christmas or birthdays.

3/ Here is a beautiful, short post about being a foster parent to a baby.

4/ My friend Anna created a Facebook group called Toddler and Beyond for people with kids age 2+ and I’m excited to participate. Feel free to ask to join!

5/ I bought some new makeup this week for the first time in forever! If I could use just one brand, it would be Tarte. They are all-natural and high quality. This week I got: concealer to use around my eyes & on my eyelids, nude lipstick for daily wear (so fun!), brow pencil, and new mascara.

6/ We are deep in tantrum-land with our spirited child, so I think we are going to put a simple behavior plan in place for our trouble spots: morning, dinner, and bedtime. We also learned about kids & money in our Dave Ramsey class this week, so I’m making a list of chores for Meredith to do to earn commission.

I have zero plans this weekend and I’m pretty excited about it. Hoping for some crafting time and maybe to start prepping for a garage sale. How about you?

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    From Nora:

    Identifying the trouble spots for kids can be so… refreshing, in a way. Helps to know the triggers and etc. Our trouble spots are: picking out clothes, breakfast (they bicker with each other constantly), bed time (for the little one) and constant worries about time (the older one. Always afraid we will be late, even though we never are). Thanks to our L&L class we took, we did MUCH better this past summer and even now on the calls and etc, it still helps.

    A no plan weekend sounds awesome. Same thing here, apart from a hair cut tomorrow at 8am!

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