November 25, 2015


excited to read the above three books and love on my home in the coming year.

finishing up some really great books recently.

celebrating a full night’s sleep for the first time in ages, and an hour-plus of alone time this morning before the kids woke up!

seriously considering heading to Nordstrom on Black Friday to look for jeans and boots. I simply can’t buy them without trying them on, and I’m thinking if I don’t take the kids and just plan to be there awhile, it might be worth it.

refraining from putting up many Christmas decorations because I’m worried about what the cats (who are really still kittens) will do to them.

looking forward to starting a couple new Advent traditions – an advent wreath, and a Christmas book countdown.

planning what form my December Daily album will take this year.

hosting a bunch of Facebook parties in the future because I’ve found some great direct-sell brands and I love to support other women.

wondering if Meredith has trouble hearing us. She has been asking us to repeat ourselves a lot lately.

hurting from a hard lump on the back of my hand that has been there for years, but recently has been causing pain in my hand and wrist.

hoping to get off work early today so I can start working on the mashed potatoes. (I’m also in charge of green beans, but I’ll do those in the morning.)

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! :)

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    From Holly:

    Happy Thanksgiving! We do a Christmas book countdown and the kids absolutely love it. My husband, not so much (he’s not a big reader!) but I can usually convince him to sit with us because it’s Christmas :)

  2. 2

    From Nora:

    I find that our little one (the more spirited of the two) asks us to repeat ourselves when she would rather just not hear what we say. Oddly enough I’ve found that if I whisper AND then get down to her level, she is far more likely to listen to me and hear what I’m saying :)

    Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

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