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November 6, 2015


Happy Friday! Lately the work weeks have been even harder for our family so we are always so happy to see the weekends come. Here are some links for you today!

As the mother of a strong-willed 4-year-old girl who is VERY particular about what she wears and wore a princess costume 3 days in a row last week (and only changed out of it because it had a huge rip across the middle)…loved this post.

If you haven’t heard of ePantry yet, I encourage you to check it out. They have amazing all-natural home, cleaning, and personal care supplies for cheaper than you can get pretty much anywhere. Right now they have several seasonal scents and packages! Use my referral link to make a purchase and you’ll get $10 credit and a free candle!

Lots of great ideas here on how to speed clean your house with kids around.

How to find time to read when you have young kids. I’m especially inspired by #4 and #5 and I’m thinking of setting up something up like that in our home.

I’m so tempted to take the Storytelling With December Daily class by Ali Edwards. I do still plan to make a holiday album, but it will probably be super simple.

My favorite craft designer Alicia Paulson is offering free shipping on her kits right now. I want to make everything.

On my wish list: black ankle boots (still – my feet are wide and I haven’t been able to find ones that fit), a great pair of jeans, this book, flameless candles, a litter robot, and the 2016 Get to Work Book.

We have some fun plans this weekend including a family fun day for my work, a birthday party, and several church events. How about you?

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    From Nora:

    On tap this weekend: trivia night with friends; taking my dad shopping for some new clothes, getting a new oven for the kitchen, church and home cooked Italian Sunday Dinner with my dad on Sunday afternoon. Will be busy but good!

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    From Melissa:

    Those craft projects are cute! I actually bought the exact same advent calendar kit you made last year because I loved yours so much. Now if only I had the energy every night to work on it. :-/

    I got the 2016 GetToWorkBook – couldn’t resist. I really loved the planner I have been using so I hope I really like this one.

    I have a black ankle boot suggestion for you. The Toms Desert wedges – they come in black. I also have wide feet, and the wedge is rubber (?) So they’re SUPER comfortable. You should check them out.

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