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November 13, 2015


This custom calendar gift is such a fun idea (see above photo).

I never understood the obsession with Marfa, TX until I read Miranda’s recap of her trip there. Clearly I just didn’t know enough, and now I want to visit for sure.

We gave up on cloth diapering Liam awhile ago because something had to give for my sanity, but Ashley has a great post about what she’s learned in four years and she makes it seem SO simple (and it really is).

People tweeting their awkward moments: I haven’t laughed this hard at anything in awhile. The Internet is so great sometimes.

Fun & EASY birthday traditions for kids.

DIY magnetic patterns car game. Looks like this would probably take 2-3 hours to make (although it would be fun) but I think kids would play with it a lot!

Combine a fun Thanksgiving book & activity for your kids to get them in the spirit.

Happy weekending!

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    From Brittany Deal:

    We cloth diaper Landry and love it! However, I feel like it would be more difficult to do if I was having to take care of two kids and work! The one month I was back at work after having Landry, the laundry with the cloth diapers definitely got to me.

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    From Mom:

    I always check out your links because you travel in different web circles than I. This group was a most enjoyable venture. While Marfa is definitely on my radar because of articles about the art, I was appreciative of the first-person tour given by Miranda. (I wish she would do the same for Fredericksburg.) The awkward tweets story had tears rolling down my cheeks as I laughed and laughed. And I totally want to make magnetic games for Meredith. I’m already in the market for magnetic sheets, so I’ll buy extra for that. Thanks so much for sharing!

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