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September 1, 2017

When I resumed blogging I told myself no pressure. Post when you feel like it! Don’t impose a schedule on yourself! I thought that would be difficult for my personality since I’m usually all or nothing, but as it turns out, it has been rather easy! Ha.

I haven’t had much brain space for deep thinking lately, so here is a list of thoughts. Linking up for Seven Quick Takes.

1 – The biggest thing that has happened around here recently is, obviously, Hurricane Harvey. First of all: we, along with all of our family, are safe. We are also mostly dry. My parents’ house took on about 6 inches of water and lost a lot, but it will probably be a good thing when it’s all said and done. We are the fortunate ones, as I’m sure you can tell from the news. I can’t describe how depressing it is to see your city in such a state and for life to practically stop for an entire week. As of now, stores are slowly opening and I’ve returned to work. School will be closed for another week, and my Catholic parish is closed until further notice. The recovery begins.

2 – One bonus to being stuck at home for four continuous days is that I got a bit of crafting mojo back. I learned about Catholic peg dolls, became obsessed, and promptly started making my own. I also began this Jesus cross stitch and, when I work on it, I listen to Catholic podcasts and consider it a time of meditation and devotion.

3 – I decided change how I use Facebook. During the storm I was checking it constantly and it sealed the deal for me that I only ever feel anxious when I open it up. I ended up making my profile private, unfollowed everyone, and am using it for groups only. I’m already relieved. I’ll still be somewhat active on Instagram for now, though.

4 – I have probably gained ten pounds from stress-eating and being stuck at home in the past week. While stocking up with supplies I bought a huge bag of dark chocolate sea salt caramels and it is over halfway gone. (#noregrets #maybealittleregret) I was doing really well with exercise until this, and while I think I’ll be able to resume that next week, I have GOT to get my eating under control.

5 – I’m working on more posts. I haven’t written out the whole story about why I decided to become Catholic yet, so that’s one I’ve begun. And I want to tell you about my struggle with cyclical depression & anxiety, and the process of getting the help I need. Soon I also want to post a list of resources for evangelicals wanting to learn about Catholicism, along with my favorite Catholic podcasts.

6 – The best (non-Catholic) book I’ve read recently (like in the past two months) is Anything Is Possible by Elizabeth Strout. Second best is At Home in the World by Tsh Oxenreider.

7 – I’m supposed to have seven items for this list. Turns out I’m having a very hard time coming up with that many. Have a good long weekend!

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