8 things i’m doing for myself on my birthday

February 5, 2018

Today I turn 36! This year I made a list of things to do for myself during my birthday month. I decided to spread them out through the month because most of them cost money and we are still recovering financially. Some of them are treats, some are things that will improve my life, and some are just necessary. Regardless, it will feel good to get them done!

Here is my list, along with some ideas on how you could adapt it:

1 – Make a fun playlist. Although I’m not a huge music person (I usually enjoy silence or podcasts more), sometimes it is just what I need. I recently got Spotify premium, and I’d like to make a playlist of some of my all-time favorite happy songs.

2 – Do a phone refresh. First, I need to get my cracked screen repaired. I also got a new case, and next I want to declutter my apps, reorganize them, and change out my background. (Other ideas: organize digital photos, clean up your computer files so it runs faster.)

3 – Renew my driver’s license. Unfortunately I need to go in person for this and get a new photo, so I figured I might as well try and look nice, bring a book for a potential wait, and just enjoy the alone time.

4 – Get my nails done. This is a splurge that always makes me feel great about myself. (Other ideas: get a massage, facial, try a new skincare routine or makeup, get a haircut or blowout, set aside time to take a luxurious bath and then fully groom yourself. Hmm I might have to add some of those ideas to my list!)

5 – Have my jeans tailored. I finally got a really nice pair of black jeans that I love and wear all the time, but they are just a little too long to be perfect. I think it’ll make me feel great to do this simple fix. (If you don’t yet have a nice pair of jeans, your birthday is a great time to get one!)

6 – Try a Jet Pens sampler. A nice pen is something I use all the time and is a simple pleasure. The sample packs from Jet Pens are a great deal and will help me find my perfect pen. (Other ideas: sign up for a fun subscription box, get yourself some nice stationery or notecards, buy a new journal.)

7 – Visit the Catholic bookstore. I haven’t yet been to the big one downtown which I’ve heard a lot about. I probably won’t buy much (maybe a couple of books) but just browsing is something I love to do. (Other ideas: visit a regular bookstore and get a fancy coffee,

8 – Crafting session with a friend. My best friend and I are trying to start a birthday tradition of doing something special together around our birthdays since they are only two weeks apart. This year we have been talking about crafting together for an afternoon and having dessert. (Other ideas: pick a new craft and shop for the supplies, take a class, meet a friend for shopping or a movie.)

I would love to hear how you celebrate your birthday!

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