january recap and february goals

February 2, 2018

January was a BIG month for us. Here are some things that happened:

  • My best friend had a gender reveal party and we found out she is having a girl!
  • I attended an intensive family program at the rehab center for three days
  • Liam turned 4 and we hosted a party for family at our home
  • David, a niece and nephew of mine, my SIL, and my mom all celebrated birthdays as well
  • Started a weekly Friday night dinner rotation with my good friend and neighbor
  • David came home on Friday, January 26!

As far as my goals, here is how I did:


  • Memorize the Chaplet of Divine Mercy – Done!
  • Read the Al-Anon Big Book – I read the original book, called Al-Anon Family Groups, because it’s what was available at my library. It still gave a great overview.
  • Do a house refresh – Spent about 12 hours straight working on the house one day and it felt so good.
  • No personal spending, and less than $100 on groceries – Pretty good. I forgot that I had to host Liam’s birthday party, so I ended up spending about $250 on groceries. That’s good for me though, and we still have a lot of food left.


  • Read a book – I read 4 books, but not exactly one per week.
  • Write David a love note – I wrote him two, and then it started to feel like overkill (coming from someone who is NOT a words of affirmation person). Ha!
  • Make plans with a friend – I did awesome at this! Not only did I set up weekly meals with my neighbor, but we also hung out with at least two other friends.

February Goals

This is going to be an interesting month. It’s my birthday, so I’d like to treat myself a little, but we are still recovering financially from David being off work for six weeks. I’ll have to delay some of that. I am also taking a fun girls’ trip and having a friend visit from overseas. In contrast with all that fun stuff, Lent begins in the middle of it (so a season of sacrifice and penance) and I have some important Catholic milestones to take part in. I’ve chosen the phrase “lean in” for the month – if it’s time to enjoy and indulge, do that. If it’s time to sacrifice and pray, do that.


  • Renew RN license – necessary to be able to work!
  • Renew driver’s license – also boring but necessary
  • Pantry challenge with Jess – aiming for less than $400. Hopefully less, but since David is home now I’m giving us some room.
  • Go on a date
  • Go to Al-Anon 
  • Birthday list – I made a list of things I want to do for myself during my birthday month; some are treats and some are just things that will improve my life.
  • Prep for Ranveig’s visit and Austin trip – this will involve cleaning, preparing the guest room, meal planning, and grocery shopping.


This is the hardest type of goal for me to make and keep up with, but here is what I have.

  • Read a book
  • Go to mass
  • Track budget in Mint


  • Bible reading
  • Chaplet/rosary
  • 7-minute workout
  • 10,000 steps
  • Kids – brush teeth

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