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a self check printable worksheet

May 5, 2014

Last week I was driving and my head just started spinning with all the things in my life I needed to keep straight. There are things I need to do to keep our lives running day to day, areas that I want to focus on for my own personal growth, projects to tackle, relationships to improve. All of a sudden I had the overwhelming need to separate it all out and have a space to do a little bit of journaling about where I am in each area of life along with a place to note any actions I need to take. I wanted something physical that I could hand write on and tape up where I’ll see it. This…
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my everything notebook

November 14, 2013

I mentioned that I do most of my planning and list-making digitally, but sometimes there’s nothing like pen and paper. I decided I wanted a notebook to carry about with me that I can just jot down random ideas and lists  and notes in. Sometimes I transfer these ideas to my digital lists later, other times I just refer back to the notebook. I chose a Moleskine Evernote classic notebook to use. It’s a great size and very high quality. I liked that it could so easily transfer over to my Evernote, although I don’t actually use that feature very much. It also has a pouch in the back cover where I can tuck stray papers. The only other thing…
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on time & task management

May 23, 2013

Today I want to talk about how, as a working mom with a toddler, I ever get anything done other than surviving each day. Don’t get me wrong, just surviving from one day to the next can feel like a major accomplishment sometimes, and it totally is. But I also know that my life is enriched and I am a better wife, mother, and person when I am able to do extra stuff as well. I was inspired to write about this topic when I read this post from Pink Ronnie and this post from Elise Blaha Cripe. They have some great tips and it was super helpful for me to read their perspectives, but they are both able to…
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Inexpensive, Natural Beauty Products

January 17, 2012

Thanks to Walgreens for underwriting this post. I was paid as a member of the Clever Girls Collective, but the content is all mine. Visit *** I’m not super into makeup and beauty products, but I’m also not uncaring of my appearance and skin health either. Actually, over the past year I began the process of transitioning all my personal care products to natural versions, and I’m not talking high-end stuff. I’m on a budget, and I want to do this the healthy way AND the cheap way. I’ve tried a lot of things, and this is what I’ve come up with. >Facial care: I’ve started using the natural oil cleansing method, mixing extra virgin olive oil and castor…
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Smart Thinking Lifestyle Tips For A Working Mom

October 26, 2011

Thanks to Tervis for sponsoring my writing. Visit their website to learn more about the world’s first smart cup. *** In the course of a year I’ve gone from being a newly-married, career-oriented infertile to a working, breastfeeding mom. It’s been a big change. I’m still adjusting every day, but there are some things that have made the transition a lot easier. >Cultivate balance. I know that working full time doesn’t make me a bad mom and the fact that work isn’t my #1 priority doesn’t make me a bad employee. While I’m at work I try to be there 100%, but I make time to pump and if I finish early I leave early, and I definitely don’t…
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