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we’re just a couple of geriatrics

August 18, 2010

With the amount of time David and I spend at the doctor these days, we feel like we’re 80 years old. We’re grateful that our medical issues are temporary and not nearly as serious as they could be, though. So without further delay, here’s a recap of our respective doctor’s appointments this morning. I apologize in advance for the boredom I may be inducing. (Wow, now I really do feel old. Do I have nothing better to write about than this? Ah, well.) Reproductive Endocrinologist First up I went to follow up regarding my most recent cycle. As my doctor said, “the plot thickens” and I’m left a lot more to think about than when I went in. Regarding what…
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humor me

July 19, 2010

Y’all, my life is a little bit crazy right now. It seems like, with David and me, we’ll just be going along fine with our little lives for awhile and then all of a sudden something big will happen – usually not something very good – and then the sky opens up with a bunch of other annoyances. Oh, you want to refinance your house? No problem, everything is in perfect order, you’re guaranteed a huge reduction in payment along with a refund. But wait, what’s this! Two foreclosures in your neighborhood? Hold on just a hop skip. You’ll probably end up getting the refinance, but you might not get the refund and it definitely won’t be for at least…
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In Sickness

July 14, 2010

If you were to meet my husband and I for the first time without knowing anything about us, you would probably form the opinion that we are a classic example of opposites attracting. He is talkative and hilarious in social situations, making everyone around him feel comfortable. This is really a huge part of why I married him, because I am reserved and sometimes awkward around new people, and I find it hard to make new friends. I like to bring him places as a kind of security blanket. After meeting us, you might be surprised to find out that he’s actually a very private person. Too bad he married a blogger. I might keep quiet around large groups, but…
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March 6, 2009

For those of you who don’t know, my husband found out in the middle of last year that he has a condition in both of his hips that causes the bone to die due to lack of blood flow. The disease is very advanced in his right hip especially. It’s an extremely painful condition because it causes a deep, aching bone pain, similar to cancer of the bone. If left alone, eventually his hips will collapse. Since he’s so young, and hip replacements don’t last forever, we’ve tried a different procedure to help prolong the need for them. What they do is drill holes in his hips to clear out some of the dead bone and relieve the pressure. He…
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It’s Not Just For Looking Pretty

December 28, 2008

Oh right, I have a blog, and it’s something I’m supposed to WRITE in. I guess I’ve given myself kind of a break, because of the whole my-husband-had-surgery-right-before-we-moved-into-our-new-house business. We are having a lot of fun being there, but it sure is a lot of work. We still have a lot of walls to paint, fixtures, furniture, and other necessities┬áto buy, as well as unpacking and organizing to do. There are times when it’s overwhelming, because I simply don’t have the time or energy to get it all done anytime soon, which is what my personality dictates. David told me the other day, “You know how I can tell that you’ve been really tired lately? I can leave a mess…
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