May 3, 2007

I finished my last final this morning. I celebrated this evening by eating almost a whole tub of chicken fried rice and a pint of ice cream while I watched the DVRed episodes of Gilmore Girls and House. It was glorious.

I have two weeks with no school, but I already have 11 things on my “To Do Over The Break” list, not to mention the fact that I agreed to work almost every day I can. Ah, well.

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    From Mich:

    Happy 2 weeks break, Kat! My summer begins in….14 hours and 17 minutes, but I too already have a list of things waiting to be done. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t one of those list-making people. oh well, i’m glad to hear there’s another one of me out there =)

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    From Katy:

    When I first read this, I thought it said “tub of fried chicken” which would have been awesome. But then I realized it said tub of “chicken fried” rice.

    I’m glad it’s Friday.

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