Sunday Goodness

July 8, 2007

Dear friends,

I apologize for my absence. I still do not have access to the internet at my new apartment. This will happen Tuesday, I am informed. So far it has only been mildly annoying, but today I found myself in dire need of the world wide web in order to complete some assignments for school. So first I went to the local coffee shop which advertises free wi-fi. Unfortunately, it was not working. Next I went to my roommates’ old apartment (which they still have until the end of the month) only to find that a password was needed that neither of them know. Finally, I ended up at Panera, which has been wonderful. I love you Panera!

There has been so much that I have wanted to tell you. Look forward to the tale of fishing on the fourth of July and pictures of my new place, for starters. But for now I really do need to get to those assignments.

Happy Sunday everyone, and I hope to be back in touch with you soon.


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    From Tabaitha:

    You and David look so happy together. What great photos. I especially love the pic of David and your dad.

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