Holiday Decorating

November 24, 2007

My roommates Amanda, Courtney, and I are hosting a game night at our apartment tonight, so we decided we wanted to decorate the place for Christmas first. We all love the holidays and are very excited about it. So this morning, before Courtney woke up, Amanda brought out her share of the decorations, which include some creations she hand-painted herself.

When Courtney woke up and emerged from her room, this was (more or less) the conversation that followed:

Courtney: (sarcastically) Ahh, the ceramics. I’ve missed them.
Amanda: I just don’t see how you don’t think they’re cute!
Courtney: Um, well, hmm…
Amanda: I mean do you see how much work I put into this? Look at the bricks on the house, you don’t just paint that one color. And the wood, look at the texture! And this bow on top…
Courtney: Yes, the BOW on top is lovely.
Amanda: OK, it’s not like I would go out and buy something like this already painted!
Courtney: Oh, well, that’s something, I mean, I AM glad to hear that. Because if it’s sentimental, if you painted it when you were a little kid–
Amanda: When I was 17.
Courtney: I’m gonna go with a little kid, trying to give you the benefit of the doubt here.

In the end the snowman, the house, and the Santa’s Express train got to stay. All the rest either have to go into Amanda’s room or back into the box.

I like my roommates because they’re funny, and they indulge my need for symmetry when it comes to decorating, which is extremely important.

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    From doc:

    someone should make a TV show about your life.

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    From Megan:

    Hey! Update!

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