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January 14, 2008

Ever since Boyfriend David got his fishing boat (which he shares with his brother and dad) and they started taking trips down to the coast with it, I have dropped hints, asked, and finally begged for him to take me out in it. Fishing is a huge part of his life, and I want to be involved in it. Well, yesterday he got a trailer hitch installed on his truck, which would enable him to pull the boat himself, and today after church we headed down together.

Here we’re putting the boat in the water. I backed the truck and trailer up while David unhooked the boat and drove it off:

Here is David baiting my hook. I didn’t want to deal with the live shrimp today, thank you very much.

They are just so disgusting:

Check out this action shot (yes, I wore my life jacket!):

I was so happy when I caught this little trout all by myself. I got a little too excited and reeled him in so fast that I flung him over the boat. But he stayed on the hook!

I would have been happy just with that little fish, but soon afterwards I got this one! It’s called a sheepshead and I think it’s pretty. I actually had to fight to reel him in, with David telling me what to do.

Here’s my man at the wheel of the boat, taking us home:

It was so pretty out there:

Here’s David getting the boat back on the trailer. As I was taking this he said to me, “This isn’t the time to be taking pictures!” Apparently he needed my help or something, but I just really wanted to capture the moment!

I had a really great time and I’m sure we’ll be going out a lot more often. Don’t worry, I won’t give you the play by play of every fishing trip, but I really wanted to document our first one together. :)

Anyone else do anything interesting this weekend?

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    From dad:

    thanks for wearing the life jacket Kat.

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