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March 31, 2008

  • The beginnings of our wedding website are up. Although right now it’s just a “coming soon” site, I’m still excited about it. My brother, of course, is designing it. Find it at davidandkathleen.net. [ETA: website is no longer in operation.]
  • I don’t know if anyone was viewing my photo of the day, but you might have noticed that it hasn’t changed in awhile. This is because that feature isn’t working well and we can’t figure it out. So enjoy the coconut for awhile longer while we work on installing a photo of the day feature that actually works. When that time comes there will actually be a daily photo, not a monthly one.
  • I discovered Twitter, and I love it. Twitter is like mini-blogging; you basically update on what you’re doing. At first glance I thought it was stupid, but now I think it’s great. What changed my mind is the fact that you can set the updates from your friends to come to your phone, and you can send updates from your phone too. Also, updates don’t have to be boring! So anyway, I think it’s great but it would be awesome if I actually had friends doing it with me. At the moment I only have one. So find me and give it a try!

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